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The Native PrimeXBT iOS App is the Perfect Travel Companion

The Native PrimeXBT iOS App is the Perfect Travel Companion

In most business or pleasure settings, when you are planning ahead to travel, the first things you pack are the essentials – the toothbrush, deodorant, socks, and underwear. Sadly, if you are a trader, you can’t always bring the essentials with you.

There are often ways to keep tabs on various assets through watchlists built-into smartphones and even charting software, but up until now, there was no way to have it all and maintain the same level of access to markets while traveling. The new PrimeXBT native iOS application packs all the essentials into one single app designed to be the perfect travel companion for the trader – a one stop shop on the go, if you will.

Here is everything you need to know about the all-new PrimeXBT native iOS application, how to get it for free, and more, broken down in an easy to use guide.

How the Pandemic Disrupted Travel, but Business is Resuming

Years ago, traveling from city to city was the norm for most business men and women across the globe. The global economy was booming, and at the center of it all was travel. But the pandemic put a stop to global travel, and business as normal halted.

Remote work became commonplace. During the downtime, online trading exploded unlike ever before because the savvy searched for ways to bring in income on the side.

But as these same individuals have learned, as business resumes and so does travel across the globe, staying in tune with global markets becomes a lot more challenging than when everyone was in lockdown conditions mandated by the government.

Travel is indeed picking up, but until only recently there wasn’t a way to stay in touch with global markets all with just one application. Sure a trader might be able to install an entire page worth of apps on their smartphone screen to swipe through, but the all-new native PrimeXBT iOS finally does it all.

Access the PrimeXBT Award-Winning Platform from an App

Previously, the only way to get access to the full suite of PrimeXBT’s exclusive features and services, was to visit the website directly from a browser. The browser could be from the desktop for the best experience, or a mobile version of the site can also be accessed from a mobile browser.

However, the design wasn’t native to the iPhone so although the tools were powerful, they were not as accessible as they could be. And as we all know, the key to wider adoption is always accessibility. Wider adoption in finance, means greater liquidity in the market and on the platform itself.

The all-new native iOS app offers on-the-go access to the award-winning PrimeXBT margin trading platform, with more than 50 different trading instruments all under one roof. The asset list is always growing, recently adding seven new altcoins next to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin; forex currencies; stock indices; and commodities like gold and silver.

The new list of altcoins includes Cardano, Dogecoin, Solana, XRP, Chainlink, Uniswap, and Polkadot. Altcoins trade against both USD and BTC with long and short positions. Only with PrimeXBT are all these assets available to create a diverse trading portfolio. All assets can be viewed via a watchlist which, by tapping individual assets, opens up a chart complete with indicators and various intervals to choose from. Such charting tools can tip you off on how to trade Ethereum and other coins.

What the Native PrimeXBT iOS App Offers to Users

The app experience is slightly different than the desktop layout, but feels familiar and more fluid for mobile users. Users can swipe left and right through various sections of the app, rather than clicking different areas of the website navigation. The mobile app has a tappable navigation also, but intuitive swipes also toggle between different views.

Users can register, log in, make a deposit or withdrawal, or get to trading assets. Covesting users – users of the exclusive copy trading module PrimeXBT’s website offers – can also monitor their portfolios and followings. In the future, users will be able to create a new strategy or manage their followings directly through the app.

The native app design makes pushing such features live simple and streamlined so further updates are expected regularly. For example, PrimeXBT will eventually integrate the newly released Covesting yield account system.

Covesting yield accounts can earn users up to a 13% APY on idle crypto assets such as ETH, USDT, and USDC. Covesting copy traders have the option of making a strategy manager account, or a follower account. Strategy managers trade their way to the top of the fully transparent global leaderboards, while followers pick from the list using a plethora of risk and success metrics tracked by the system.

Strategy managers with the best performance get the most visibility and the most followers. Top ROI from strategy managers has reached as high as 100,000% according to media reports that were able to grab screenshots of the Covesting leaderboards at the time. All that’s left, is the legend as that trader has hung up their boots, and retired from Covesting. But that means it’s time for another trader to take the lead.

Download the Free PrimeXBT App Today, Participate in the Bug Bounty

PrimeXBT has made the iOS app available for free to encourage more users to gain access to global markets while on the go. Users can visit the Apple App store for iOS devices like iPhone to download the app today and leave five star feedback.

Users can also participate in a bug bounty program where more than $10,000 is up for grabs, offered to those who report bugs. Rewards are offered in the order in which valid and verified reports are received, and by their severity.

More information is available at the PrimeXBT blog where a walkthrough of the app is also offered. There, the company provides updates about the platform, tips, guides, and more. It is also where they will release further information about the coming Covesting support, an Android version, and more.

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