The Meta Quest beat the Apple Vision Pro at it’s own productivity game

Key Takeaways

  • Meta Quest beats Apple Vision Pro to the punch with Logitech’s MX Ink stylus for augmented reality and virtual environment work.
  • MX Ink, a $130 virtual stylus, enhances AR and VR drawing and design capabilities on Meta Quest 2 and 3.
  • Team up between Meta and Logitech shows big plans for Quest 3, indicating a growth path.

When Apple rolled out its very expensive AR and VR device in the Apple Vision Pro, the company made it clear early on how it wanted its headset to stand out compared to the already established Meta Quest, whether that be the Meta Quest 2 or the Meta Quest 3.

The Apple Vision Pro is supposed to offer entertainment for sure, but it’s also supposed to be a device that is for the more serious augmented reality user. It’s supposed to be about getting work done in a virtual environment. So how did Apple get beat to the punch by Meta on a tool that seems specifically meant for the Pro?


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This tool could change things

When Logitech announced the Logitech MX Ink Mixed Reality Stylus, it looked like something that was completely built for the Apple Vision Pro. The tool allows users to boot up several different AR and VR programs and essentially draw or write on air.

The $130 stylus is a first of its kind tool for these kinds of devices. That alone is surprising, when you think especially about how the Apple Vision Pro is supposed to let people do all kinds of work and design while using the headset. It’s a bit of a shock that Apple didn’t have a stylus ready to go when it rolled out its headset. After all, it had the Apple Pencil ready to go when the iPad Pro hit the market. And the MX Ink isn’t boasting a price tag not much more than the Apple Pencil Pro.

The Logitech MX Ink Mixed Reality Stylus isn’t coming to the Apple Vision Pro.

And yet, the Logitech MX Ink Mixed Reality Stylus isn’t coming to the Apple Vision Pro. It’s instead headed to the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 and giving those devices a real leg up when it comes to the thing the Apple Vision Pro is supposed to have in its back pocket. And in the process, the Meta Quest 3 especially might have just found some real functionality beyond watching videos or playing games.


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More than just beating Apple to the punch, this partnership with Logitech shows that Meta has some big plans for its standalone VR headset. The fact that this device won’t work with the Quest Pro is telling as well. This is something that’s specifically aimed at devices that are cheaper than the Vision Pro.

It seems likely this is just the beginning as well. Meta has noticed that users are wanting to do more with their AR and VR headsets. And it’s clear with the capabilities of the MX Ink that this isn’t just a different kind of toy. This is a tool that people who want to design and draw will find quite useful.

Out of the box, the virtual stylus will work with Gravity Sketch, PaintingVR, Arkio, Engage, OpenBrush, Gesture VR and ShapesXR on the Meta Quest 3. It will also work with the PC apps Adobe Substance Modeler and Elucis via Quest Link or Air Link. In other words, it will work with some more powerful tools, without having to use a more powerful headset. The device is also going to give those who are using this to design or draw with a ton of adjustability and precision.

Screen Shot 2024-06-17 at 5.14.02 PM

Logitech MX Ink Stylus


Meta Quest 2 & 3

The MX Ink Stylus will operate for up to seven hours on a single charge, according to Logitech. Users can choose to recharge it via USB-C or a dock that’s available separately. Eventually, another tool, the MX Mat, will be released as well. The mat is a flat surface that will allow users to have a “friction free writing and drawing environment,” according to the company.

The stylus comes with two spare tips, one fine and one wide, allowing for whatever use is needed for the person working in their virtual design world. The Ink will pair directly using the Meta Quest App. Once it’s been paired, users will adjust factors such as pressure curves and double tap timing directly from within the settings.


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An Apple Vision Pro stylus has to be coming

mx ink stylus from Logitech


When you consider that these kinds of tools are generally not things that Apple likes to outsource (at least not at first) it seems as though Meta and Logitech’s teamup has caught the Cupertino company unawares. While Tim Cook and his crew will almost certainly work on something similar, they’re still going to be operating without such a device for some period of time.

Meanwhile, the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 are going to offer people the ability to do some work and make some art with a tool that is only available for one brand of headset. It’s a heck of a move by Meta in fighting the virtual reality headset wars.


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