The Meta Quest 2 is so cheap that you can’t afford not to try VR this Black Friday

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Meta Quest 2

$250 $300 Save $50

Not only is the Quest 2 currently the cheapest that we’ve ever seen it, but you can also redeem $50 of digital credit to spend on Amazon with your purchase. Perfect if you want to add some accessories or upgrade the head strap.

The Meta Quest 2 was a bit of a game changer upon release, bringing the joy and excitement of VR gameplay to a whole new audience. Not only does it work standalone, so there’s no need to invest in a pricy gaming PC, but it also comes with a budget-friendly price tag.

Recently, the device’s predecessor, the Quest 3, arrived, and with that release came a permanent price drop to just $299. This is an incredible price for a headset that was retailing for $400 less than a year ago. With this Black Friday deal, that price gets even better, the Quest 2 is an astonishingly good VR headset for just $250.

As if that deal wasn’t sweet enough, if you purchase through Amazon, you can redeem $50 of digital credit to spend as you see fit. If it were me, I’d immediately drop that $50 on the BoboVR M2 Pro head strap upgrade, but you could always get your mom a Christmas present instead, I suppose.

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Absolutely. The Quest 3 may have some enticing upgrades and a lot more horsepower, but the truth is, the experience of using these headsets is quite similar. This is especially true at the moment, as almost none of the games in the Quest library are optimized to take advantage of the Quest 3’s more powerful innards. This means that the majority of titles will look exactly the same on the Quest 3 as they do on the Quest 2 – with the only real difference being the improved lenses.

Of course, you don’t get the AR functionality of the latest and greatest headset, but that shouldn’t be a major concern. If your primary objective is gaming, and it probably is, all the best games are fully VR – and that’s not something I can imagine changing anytime soon.

Plus, there’s the fact that Meta is still actively selling Quest 2 headsets, so they’re likely to remain supported for a good long time yet.

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What are some must-have Quest 2 accessories?

In my view, the single most important upgrade is the head strap as it makes a huge difference to the comfort of the Quest 2, and the best head straps are engineered to take some of the weight off of your face.

Some head straps, like the aforementioned BoboVR M2 Pro, add external battery packs to keep your headset juiced up for longer, too. This means that you’ll be able to have longer play sessions, and you’ll actually want to, because it’s so comfortable.

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The Quest 2 has pretty decent built-in speakers, but if you want ultimate immersion, upgrading to some earbuds works wonders. There are loads of options here, but you’ll want to use wired or VR-specific earbuds to avoid latency. Our favorite options are the Anker Soundcore VR P10 and Final VR3000.

Finally, it’s worth thinking about whether you want to upgrade your facial interface, and if you’re planning on working out in VR, I’d highly recommend doing so. There are lots of silicone face covers available for the Quest 2, and they won’t absorb your sweat when your Beat Saber sessions get a little too intense.


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