The Goose Was Loose at the 2020 New York Video Game Awards

image credit: Harold Goldberg/NYVGCC

I’ve been presenting at the New York Game Awards, put on by the New York Video Games Critics Circle, for a few years now and I’ve always recommended folks tune in (or show up!) if they can. But man, this year’s show was really something else. That’s what happens when you not only have a touching tribute to Nintendo President of our Hearts Reggie Fils-Aime, but also a dude in a goose costume harassing Daily Show writers.

So if you missed it, relive the majesty of the 2020 New York Video Game Awards. And keep reading to see who won as well as check out some world premiere trailers.

Watch New York Videogame Awards from NYVGCC on

Watch New York Videogame Awards from NYVGCC on

Big Apple Award for Best Game of the Year

The Outer Worlds

Central Park Children’s Zoo Award for Best Kids Game

Luigi’s Mansion 3

A-Train Award for Best Mobile Game

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Coney Island Dreamland Award for Best AR/VR Game

Minecraft Earth

Off Broadway Award for Best Indie Game

Disco Elysium

Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Music in a Game

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Statue of Liberty Award for Best World

Outer Wilds

Herman Melville Award for Best Writing

Disco Elysium

Joltin’ Joe Award: Best Esports Player of the Year

Arslan Ash

Great White Way Award for Best Acting in a Game

Courtney Hope as Jesse in Control

Freedom Tower Award for Best Remake

Resident Evil 2

Captain Award for Best Esports Team

FPX (League of Legends)

Knickerbocker Award for Best Games Journalism

Khee Hoon Chan

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Bartlow’s Dread Machine is a fake arcade shooter cabinet from the turn of the century.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page takes place in the faraway fictional magical land of… Astoria.

Watch New York Videogame Awards from NYVGCC on

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