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Apr 16, 2019 10:04 AM EDT

AI Chair

(Photo : Dezeen)
Screenshot taken from video “Philippe Starck creates “world’s first chair designed with artificial intelligence” | Dezeen”

Since 1956, when it was first founded as an academic discipline, artificial intelligence has been popularized as a machine that is capable of learning and problem-solving. Common modern uses include understanding human speech, playing games, operating cars, navigation, and military simulation.

Just recently, creative sectors started experimenting with artificial intelligence on different uses from fashion design to art installations.

Philippe Starck, known for his masterful designs in furniture, interiors, products, industrial, and architectural, came about using artificial intelligence to solve a design manufacturing challenge. To guarantee an even more precise artwork with outstanding quality, Stark has teamed up with Kartell, a company specializing in quality plastic furniture design and manufacture, and Autodesk, one of the world’s most prominent 3D software and engineering companies, to solve the puzzling furniture design challenge.

Together, the team was tasked to design a chair that would comfortably sit a person while demanding the least possible amount of materials in production. Keeping the standards of both Starck and Kartell, not only should the chair be aesthetically pleasing with a minimal sleek profile, but it should also satisfy all structural requirements that will pass any certification needed, which prompted the use of Autodesk’s prototype software.

Since artificial intelligence was involved in creating the designer chair, the trio would have to get the algorithm to process their instructions and concepts. The team accomplished this by using a conversation type of input.
The designers raised questions such as, “Artificial Intelligence, do you know how we can rest our bodies using the least (amount of) material?”

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Mark Davis, senior director of Design Futures at Autodesk, stated that the project can be treated as a research collaboration at the height of industrial design. He added that the research has resulted in the most creative outcome achieved through generative design.

The team dubbed the chair as “A. I.” and made its debut in the International Furniture and Design Week in Milan’s Salone del Mobile Exhibit. The chair is built as the first production chair in the world created through the use of artificial intelligence.

In contrast, Starck describes the chair as created by artificial intelligence and that human participation was only to assist the A. I. in the production process in a statement he made over at a social media platform. Autodesk is enthusiastic about the possibilities that the new technology has created, explaining that will definitely increase a designer’s capacity in terms of productivity and innovation.

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