The Division 2 Tips and Tricks

The release of The Division 2 is just around the corner, and we know there thousands of gamers itching and ready to raid – so much so that players have been jumping back into the first game to brush up on their skills. If you’re new to the series then the barrage of information thrown at you at once may feel overwhelming but fear not, Tech Advisor has your back.

RPGs like The Division 2 feature stat points for your character that determine your damage, defence, HP and more. Levelling up and looting gear enhances these stats, resulting in higher damage and increased defence, so be prepared to put the work in if you want to become a deadly agent.

If none of that makes sense, you’re in the right place – carry on reading find out how to become the ultimate The Division 2 agent ahead of the public beta. Don’t forget to check out our The Division 2 preview to find out what the upcoming title will offer.

Matchmaking Stations


Cover is key

Focus your fire




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