The big tech stocks just lost $141 billion in market value. That’s enough to buy McDonald’s

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, which saw its market value plunge by $51 billion Tuesday.
Brendan McDermid/Reuters
  • The most widely watched tech stocks saw their market value
    drop by $141 billion on Tuesday amid a broader market sell-off.
  • That amount is about equal to the market capitalization of
  • The biggest loser among the tech giants was Amazon, which
    lost $51 billion in market value.

You could just about buy McDonald’s with the amount of value the
most widely watched tech stocks shed on Tuesday.

If you include Microsoft’s market losses, you could snap up
Burger King’s owner as well – or a heck of a lot of Big Macs and

On a down day for the markets, the big tech stocks got crushed.
Collectively, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google parent
company Alphabet, lost $141 billion in market value, as their
stocks declined 4.5% on average.

Microsoft, which has been vying with Apple for the title of most
valuable public company in the world, saw its shares fall 3%, as
the company’s market capitalization dropped $27 billion.

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By comparison, McDonald’s has a market value of $143 billion and
Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of Burger
King, has a market value of $26 billion.

Amazon was the biggest loser

Among the big tech shares, Amazon was the biggest loser. With its
stock falling nearly 6% to $1,668.40, the e-commerce giant’s
market capitalization plunged by $51 billion. That’s about the
same amount that General Motors is worth in total.

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Apple was the next biggest loser, at least in terms of the market
value it lost. The iPhone maker saw its capitalization drop by
$39 billion thanks to its stock falling 4% to $176.69.

In terms of percentage declines, Netflix was the second to
Amazon. Its stock fell 5% to $275.33, resulting in a drop in its
valuation of $6.5 billion.

The selloff in shares of the big tech companies has been
going on for months now
, amid broader concerns about slowing
growth and stricter regulations. Although Facebook only saw its
shares and market valuation drop by 2% Tuesday, its stock has
declined the most from its peak this year of any of its peers.
Since hitting their apex in July, Facebook’s shares are down
nearly 37%.

Netflix is a close second in that category. Its shares are down
35% since they peaked in June.

Tuesday’s decline in tech shares extended far beyond the giants,
with the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index falling 3.8% to

Intel’s shares fell by 5%. Western Digital, Micron, and Nvidia
all saw their shares drop by more than 7%. ETrade declined by 8%.
And AMD shares fell by a whopping 11%.


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