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The Best Swedish TV series

The Best Swedish TV series

Swedish television is often associated with Nordic noir phenomenon. However, that’s not to say that this Scandinavian country doesn’t have anything else to offer. Crime series like Bron, Innan vi dör and Wallander have all experienced both popular and critical acclaim. For example. Netflix launched its first ever original series in the Swedish language in 2017 – Störst av allt (Quicksand), which was based on a famous detective novel. If you’re looking to improve your Swedish, there are several series to binge-watch other than detective or crime dramas. Most TV series in Sweden also feature the usage of snus – a Swedish habit and popular culture phenomenon.

What is Snus?

Snus is a moist smokeless tobacco in powder form. Snus is placed inside the lip for an extended period of time and is very similar to the American dipping tobacco. Snus containers nicotine, which can be highly addictive. Try it out here. Swedish snusers are proud of their culture, and they always recommend getting rid of cigarettes and opting for snus which is considered a healthier alternative to smoking. In Sweden, snus is made differently than in other countries. Contrary to the United States of America, the Swedish snus contains fewer chemicals. Whilst in Sweden, snus has almost replaced smoking, this is not the case in the United States.

Best Netflix Swedish Sitcoms

If you’re done with dark satire and feel like you’ve watched your fair share of crime shows, you’ll be looking for something a little different when it comes to Swedish TV series. Välkommen i Sverige is a great choice, starring popular American actor Greg Poehler and also does a stand-up job of highlighting common Swedish stereotypes. Solsidan is another amusing Swedish comedy, named after an area in one of Stockholm’s wealthier municipalities. The protagonist, Ana, must deal with fitting into a snobbish neighbourhood while simultaneously dealing with her pregnancy. With 5 seasons in and a film on the horizon, who says the Swedes have no sense of humour?

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