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The Best Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Screen Protectors

Best Galaxy S9 cases
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus represent the pinnacle of what Samsung has been building toward for the better part of a decade. They combine stunning design with equally stunning specs and a display to die for. Everything that was wrong with the Galaxy S8 has been fixed — and a brand new, incredible camera thrown into the bargain.

But there’s little doubt they’ll both come off worse if they hit a sidewalk too hard. That’s why we’ve found you the tools to make sure your new Galaxy smartphone can survive its innings. We’ve already compiled the best S9 cases and S9 Plus cases to keep your phone safe, but what about your display? We’ve found the best Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus screen protectors to make sure that your huge AMOLED screen stays free of cracks and scratches.

Spigen Neo Flex Film Screen Protector — Twin Pack ($9)

best galaxy s9 and plus screen protectors spigen

Where better to start this round-up than with one of Spigen‘s film screen protectors? This film protector applies wet to the screen, reducing the chance of a rainbow effect or trapped bubbles, and it bends around the curved screen on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus to ensure thorough coverage. It’s fully case compatible, so if you’re combining this with one of Spigen’s cases then you don’t need to worry about the edges being lifted off, and the self-healing properties will allow it to heal from any minor impacts. It’s not glass, so it’s not the hardest of protection, but it will resist scratches, and make sure dirt stays away from your screen. Even better — it’s a twin pack, so you can easily replace the first if it gets mucky.

Amazon Spigen

Otterbox Alpha Glass Anti-Shatter Tempered Glass Protector ($45)

best galaxy s9 and plus screen protectors otterbox

If you’ve seen one of Otterbox‘s many protective cases, then you know it takes smartphone safety very seriously indeed. This Alpha Glass screen protector brings Otterbox’s celebrated pedigree of protection, and apples it to your device’s display. It’s anti-shatter, so won’t come apart into tiny shards if broken, making it safer for you, and Otterbox promises that it will not interfere with touchscreen responsiveness or impair your phone’s image quality. It’s definitely heavier duty than a film protector, but it will also protect against more direct and harder threats, and will usually take a blow that would otherwise break your screen.

Amazon Otterbox

Whitestone Dome UV Cured Glass Screen Protector ($45)

best galaxy s9 and plus screen protectors whitestone dome

It’s one of the pricier options on this list, but you get a lot for your money. The Whitestone Dome screen protector is made from tempered glass and attaches to your screen by a rather unique method. Place your device into the provided rig, and follow the instructions to apply a thin layer of liquid glass. Then the protector itself is lowered onto the screen and any bubbles removed. The whole thing is cured with Whitestone’s UV lamp, ensuring a close and tight fit to your device, reducing the risk of sensitivity loss or a drop in image quality. Somewhat uniquely for a screen protector, Whitestone claims the liquid glass and curing process will also fill in any existing cracks on your screen, making this one of the few protectors to be useful after you’ve broken your screen. The protector itself is tough, and covers the whole screen — but it may have issues with some cases, so check before you buy.

Amazon Mobile Fun

InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite Screen Protector ($50)

best galaxy s9 and plus screen protectors invisible shield

InvisibleShield has worked hard to ensure the Glass Curve Elite is perfectly formed to fit the S9 range — and it shows. The curved glass curves gently around the screen of your device, and is completely compatible with most cases. InvisibleShield has improved the touch sensitivity of its screen protectors, as well as adding extra smudge resistance. There’s even a shock-absorbent layer between the protector and the device for extra strength. Finally, it’s all protected by InvisibleShield’s lifetime warranty. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but if you want complete assurance then the high asking price could be worth it.


Moshi IonGlass Screen Protector ($35)

best galaxy s9 and plus screen protectors moshi

Moshi is better known for its range of iPhone accessories, but don’t dismiss its Galaxy accessories for that reason. The IonGlass screen protector is an excellent protective choice for your phone, providing Moshi’s uniquely atomically strengthened glass, which Moshi claims is stronger than tempered glass and nearly impervious to scratches. To top that feat off, the IonGlass is also thinner than most other glass screen protectors. It extends all the way around the sides of your device’s display, and has an oleophobic layer to ward away fingerprint smudges.


Tech21 Impact Shield Anti-Scratch Film Screen Protector ($35)

best galaxy s9 and plus screen protectors tech21

A film protector with a little bit of extra tech beneath the surface, Tech21‘s Impact Shield protector has a thin layer of “Bulletshield” beneath the film itself. What’s Bulletshield? We’re not sure, but Tech21 says its used in making bulletproof glass, and combined with the three layer design, you should find that your phone is that little bit tougher than it was without the Impact Shield. It’s also super-thin, and comes with an applicator to make sure you get it applied correctly first time.


Bodyguardz PureArc Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($45)

best galaxy s9 and plus screen protectors bodyguardz

Bodyguardz is a rising name in screen protection, and the Pure Arc for the S9 and S9 Plus shows why. The Pure Arc protector is made from premium, heat-treated glass that extends all the way around the S9’s iconic Infinity Display. Clear adhesive around the edges ensures a tight seal to your phone, and an oleophobic layer keeps fingerprints from smudging your screen. It does well in not interfering with screen sensitivity, and comes with an installation tray for super-quick application. It’s also covered by Bodyguardz’s amazing lifetime replacements scheme, and although it’s expensive, the quality speaks for itself.

Amazon Bodyguardz

Caseology Full Coverage Tempered Glass Protector ($16)

best galaxy s9 and plus screen protectors caseology

Just because you’re looking for a budget alternative doesn’t mean you can’t still get quality. Caseology makes some of our favorite cases, and it makes sense that its screen protectors are just as good. Made to a 9H hardness rating, and resistant against fingerprints and smudges, you’ll get all the usual features you’d expect from a screen protector twice this price. It’s also pretty thin at only 0.33mm thick. Application is super-easy with an included installation tray, and it’s even shatterproof for extra safety.



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