The best ever Super Bowl commercials: our favorite 5 of all time

Super Bowl commercials go hand-in-hand with the big game itself. Each extortionately priced ad slot is highly coveted not just for its mega viewership, but also for its place in a tradition of cinematic commercials with high impact results. Marketers have been trying harder and harder to be remembered among the high octane action of the big game for years, with the results being incredibly charming, funny, powerful commercials for some of the world’s biggest brands. 

Every ad break is celebrated in the Super Bowl – with brands spending big bucks to have their zany up-to-90-second clips put before the nation in a bid to ‘win’ the break. It’s every brand’s chance to cash in a high production value ad for a massively engaged audience across the world, and the rush to create the wackiest, cutest, or most emotional ad has always been on. 



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