The Best Black Friday Tech Deals on Laptops, Tablets, Headphones, and More

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To paraphrase George Orwell, this year it kinda feels like we have always been in the middle of Black Friday. (Pause here to allow Orwell to cease spinning in his grave.) What was once a single, frenzied day of doorbuster shopping deals has morphed into a month-long marathon of every retailer trying to draw your attention to their sales and promotions, which are obviously the best hey don’t look over there. This goes double if you’re buying tech, as stores from Amazon to Walmart tend to lead with offers on smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets.

Lest you get overwhelmed while browsing the many, many offers competing for your eyeballs and dollars, I’ve assembled below a mega-list of some of the best Black Friday tech deals of 2023. That said, if you want to make sure you aren’t missing a thing, you can peruse the rest of our deals coverage here, perhaps while in a post-dinner tryptophan fugue.

The best Black Friday deals on laptops

If you ask me, the season’s best laptop deal is the one I picked up for myself—a 2020 M1 MacBook Air, marked down to $750. But if you don’t want an Apple machine, or prefer something a little more Pro, here are more options.

The best Black Friday deals on tablets

Whether you prefer an Android tablet or you’re among the iPad faithful, Black Friday is a pretty good time to pick up a new tablet, with many models seeing larger than average discounts right now.

The Best Black Friday deals on smart TVs

I just got a new TV during Prime Day but these deals are already making me wish I’d waited. I could have paid basically the same price for a much better model. (Don’t mind me, currently lusting after the $219 Toshiba that’s first on the list…)

The best Black Friday deals on wireless earbuds and headphones

The best Black Friday deals on smartwatches

The best smartwatch deal goes to Walmart, which is selling the second-generation Apple Watch SE for $179 (down from $249).

The best Black Friday deals on streaming devices

I’m park of a Roku family, but if you prefer a Fire Stick or a Chromecast or even an Apple TV, you can get a deal on one of those, too.

The best Black Friday deals on video game consoles

Will this be the year I finally relent and get an Xbox Series S, or will I put that $200 toward more Switch games? Decisions, decisions.

The best Black Friday security camera deals

Home security systems aren’t very festive, but it’s still a great time to grab one.


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