The Apple Watch can solve your biggest problem when vlogging with your iPhone

One of the biggest problems recording videos by myself with my phone at home is that I wasn’t really able to see myself in some sort of viewfinder—unless I switched to selfie mode (thus lower quality footage). But if I had known about this hack earlier, I would have gotten myself an Apple Watch in a heartbeat.

Twitter user @PeterSciretta pointed out that you can also use your Apple Watch to help you see what the footage looks like from your phone. It’s dubbed as “the best self-recording hack ever” by Twitter users.

Here’s how to turn your Apple Watch into your own viewfinder:

  • On your watch, go to the Camera Remote app. This will open the camera app on your iPhone
  • Use your iPhone to switch to video mode
  • Set up your watch to have it hang around the phone
  • Start recording

You don’t even have to strap your watch to your phone like he does in the tweet. The remote camera can still work while your watch is on your wrist.


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