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The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) on August 26 reported that only six (6)% of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the USA were from “Covid only”; the other 94% were “with Covid” — and the average number of “co-morbidity” factors (heart, lung, diabetes, etc) were 2.6 per person! And the vast majority of people were very elderly (make that 3.6 then). (Be amazed when you see the nearly zero results for under 25. “School, anyone?”). All of the actual, factual statistics are to be found here:


Why was this not major mainstream news on August 27?

Every day we wake up to a dystopian “Groundhog Day” scenario. The economy has been trashed, a surreal self-sabotage. Our emotional, physical, and psychological health suffers. Deep down, we all know something is very, very wrong.

Will we Americans ignore this wonderful news that has utterly discredited the original hype? Will we emotionally deny that we were misled?

Will we continue indefinitely to breathe through masks, and obediently “practice” our self-destructive social distancing? Will we prohibit ourselves from gathering socially, attending houses of worship, school, or university? Will there be no sane youth activities? Will attending professional sports and musical concerts continue to be banned? Will we be able to enjoy a 2019-style vacation? Will we still prohibit ourselves from visiting our elders who need human contact?

Will we eschew what makes life worth living? Will we continue to acquiesce zombie-like into a dystopian future?

— Tom Blodget, Chico


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