The 40 most powerful people on the NZ technology scene

Who has the most sway over the New Zealand technology scene? This list is based on those with the policy clout, financial wherewithal or power to directly influence our Information and communications technology landscape. The lineup is my own, but thanks to my three-person sounding board – tech writers and commentators Bill Bennett, Paul Brislen and Peter Griffin.

1. Peter Beck

Rocket Lab founder

One-time Fisher and Paykel apprentice Peter Beck (pictured) has created a whole new industry, with Rocket Lab (now valued at more than $1.5 billion and climbing) single-handedly propelling New Zealand from nowhere to be the fourth-largest

2. Marko Bogoievski

3. Megan Woods

4. Stephen Gale

5. Sir Stephen Tindall

6. Osmond Borthwick, Len Starling, Brad Ward

7. Jason Paris

8. Nicholas Bagnall

9. Kris Faafoi

10. Jolie Hodson

11. Kate McKenzie

12. Mark Callander

13. Rebecca Kitteridge, Andrew Hampton

14. John Edwards

15. Sir Eion Edgar/Malcolm Dick/Tex Edwards

16. Martin Cocker

17. David Shanks

18. Graham Mitchell

19. Jordan Carter

20. Victoria MacLennan, Don Christie, Craig Young, Paul Matthews

21. Sir Peter Jackson

22. John Holdsworth, Simon Holdsworth

23. Murray Holdaway

24. Jacinda Ardern

25. Paul James

26. Peter Thiel

27. Phil McCaw

28. Rod Drury

29. Sam Morgan

30. Vic Crone

31. Martin Stewart

32. Kevin Kenrick

33. John Stanton

34. Julia Raue

35. Matt Whineray

36. Andy Hamilton

37. Peter Crabtree

38. Greg Cross

39. Frances Valintine, Vaughan Fergusson

40. Rob Pope

Who’s out?

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