The 10 Longest Swords In Video Games (& How Long They Are)

A hero’s weapon of choice is an important one. It defines them and speaks on their behalf before friends and enemies even meet them. Video game characters are no exception. Faced with insurmountable tasks and nefarious villains, wielding a sword is a statement of purpose and a reason for existing. If there’s one thing players can gather from it: the bigger the sword, the harder they fall.

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It doesn’t matter what genre they come from. RPG heroes, anime swordsmen, and beings of mass destruction all have personalized swords to fit who they are and why they do what they do. So here are 10 of the longest swords in video games and how long they are.

10 Z-Saber- 6ft

Zero, the bold Maverick hunter from the Megaman X franchise, utilizes an energy sword known as the Z-Saber. Opposed to X’s run-and-gun playstyle, Zero gets up close to slash through his enemies. Below his cold exterior, Zero is able to discern the bad Reploids from the good ones and continue protecting his friends.

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According to Japanese manuals, X is 5’3.” Comparing relative height, Zero is taller at 5’6.” The thing about the Z-Saber is that it’s not an inherently large weapon. In fact, measuring official artwork and checking the length of the sword, it only goes up to his torso. However, when swinging it, the sword is manipulated to expand at least upwards to 6 ft.

9 Buster Sword- 6.1ft

Possibly one of the most famous swords in gaming history, the Buster Sword is widely recognized for its simple design and the plucky hero who wields it. Cloud Strife, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, is lanky, lean, and determined.

We luckily know the height of this one. Based on Tokyo’s Game Show’s 1:1 model of the Buster Sword, as spiky and well-groomed as Cloud’s hair is, 5’8″ does not even compare to the 6.1 ft and 15.4 lbs that he has to lug around. No wonder he stays in such good shape.

8 Beastlord-6.6ft

Not to be confused with Virtuous Treaty, 2B’s other sword, Beastlord is one hulking piece of metal. 2B dedicates a lot of time to fighting, whether she likes it or not. 2017’s NieR Automata had you destroying machines for the sheer fun of it, all the while enjoying 2B’s progression as a character. The multiple ending scenarios also made it stand out among other APRGS last decade as well.

The Beastlord is not too hard to measure. 2B is 5’6″ with her heels on, and where the fat part meets the narrow hilt of the sword, there is about 1 ft of room towering above her head. That makes for about 6’6.” It is a considerably large handle that coincides with an even larger sword. But, 2B seems to really enjoy using it, so why should anyone stop her?

7 Soul Edge- 7ft

This sinister blade belongs to the infernal being known as Nightmare. Its cruel, unblinking eye and red accompanying mist contrast most of the normal-looking blades in Soul Calibur. Nightmare doesn’t just stand–he looms, ruthless in his quest for souls. There is a disquieting feeling you get just by looking at him for a few seconds.

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Soul Edge’s handle towers a bit over Nightmare’s head, who’s 5’10” by current SC5 standards. A statue, created by Namco Bandai, is listed at 22 in. Estimating on behalf of his in-game appearance, we can see that the sword comes only about 1 or 2 in above his helmet.

6 Devil Sword- 7ft

Dante is not your typical, run-of-the-mill demon killer. Hailing from the critically acclaimed Devil May Cry series, there is much to be said toward the versatility of his weapons. When people usually imagine Dante, they think of his guns, Ebony and Ivory. What really makes Dante stand out is his affinity for swords too.

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In Devil May Cry 5, he gains access to the legendary Devil Sword. Once transformed into his Devil Trigger mode, Dante is 8 ft tall. Dante’s regular height, 6’3″, does not match up with the grip of the sword. Inferring that the average grip for a two-handed sword is 6 to 11 inches, the sword is anywhere from 6 to 7 feet tall, making it the perfect weapon to carry for this high octane thrill ride.

5 Chaoseater- 7.5ft

The Chaosteater is a dark, brutal-looking sword for a dark, brutal game: Darksiders. From the pincer tip to the screaming man in the middle, this was not meant for laughing matters. It’s wielder, War, is powerful and strikes fear into Angels and Demons alike.

From poking around the internet, people have hypothesized about War’s exact height. Though he appears small in-game, that is not the case. He is about 7’2″, which completely changes his size relation to the Chaoseater. It means that the Chaoseater is at least 7.5 feet tall!

4 Bad End-7.5ft

Gaia, the main antagonist from Battle Arena Toshinden 1, is a powerful warrior with a tragic past. Later turning to the side of good, he keeps the same sword around, The Bad End. Gaia is extremely tall (7 ft to be exact), and his sword is not much better.

The Zanbato type blade–one we’ve seen aesthetically with the Buster Sword–is a demolisher of epic proportions. If one were to look at promotional art for the game, they’d see that the sword runs the entire length of his body, handle sticking just a bit above his hair. Just like the Chaoseater, his sword is at least 7.5 ft tall.

3 Monado- 7.61ft

Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles is a bit shorter than most. As the compassionate wielder of the Monado, however, he is a force to be reckoned with. The sword is made up of pure energy and has the ability to look into the future.

When not in use, it looks like a device pulled straight out of Tron. Looking at how it lines up with Shulk, the measurements are very similar. It runs the length of Shulk’s body, which stands at about 5.61 ft. In use, if it were possible to measure, it’d add about 2 ft. to the total amount.

2 Masamune- 9ft

Another Final Fantasy entry, the Masamune belongs to Auron. This austere guardian keeps to himself and fancies his sword a last resort if things go south. Being quite a large man himself (6 ft), he is arguably the most valuable asset in Final Fantasy X. The more he is hurt, the more damage he does.

Masamune just barely pops up above his head. Basing the sword off a katana, the grip makes up 1/6 of the total blade (10 in). It’s maybe only 3 inches above his wavy hair.

1 Aramasa- 10ft

Ragna the Bloodedge of the Blazblue series is a highly hostile and virulent individual who attributes strength and aggression as the same thing. He is a highly sought after target for many conflicting reasons. His sword, Aramasa, is something you’d rather not see before you’re killed or brutally injured.

Looming on the battlefield at 6 ft tall, Ragna embodies a fighter’s undying energy. Thanks to whatever product anime protagonists are using for their hair; it’s a reverse Auron situation where Ragna is at least 4 inches taller.

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