The 10 Hottest Kubernetes Startups Of 2021 (So Far)

Storming Through The Containerization Movement With Kubernetes

Kubernetes has in the past few years become the primary standard for containerizing applications and data for use in developing, testing and then deploying ready-to-use applications.

In fact, the technology has become so hot that some of the biggest Kubernetes startups have in the past nine months been acquired by larger storage and systems vendors that see the need to add management and data protection layers. For instance, Pure Storage in September acquired Portworx, which was perhaps the leading developer of Kubernetes-focused end-to-end storage and data management technologies. Veeam in October acquired Kasten, a leading developer of Kubernetes-focused data protection. SUSE in December acquired Rancher Labs, a leader in Kubernetes management and IBM Red Hat in January acquired StackRox, a developer of Kubernetes security technology. Meanwhile, multiple vendors, particularly in the storage industry, are developing their own Kubernetes initiatives including NetApp, Zerto and HYCU.

Despite these acquisitions, a number of startups are moving in to fill any gaps in the Kubernetes ecosystem. Following are 10 of the hottest Kubernetes startups of the year so far.

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