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My letter is to applaud and commend our Congressman Doug LaMalfa for standing up for our president and supporting the opposition to the certification of the erroneously tallied vote in the November election for president.

The fact that prepaid for hooligans and imposters infiltrated the sacred chambers of our government makes LaMalfa and the other Republicans willing to stand up, no less courageous. Thank you Representative LaMalfa. You stood up for millions of voters who elected them and President Trump.

That is what you were elected and sent there to do. Thank you again. And thank you to Dale Burrow and Loretta Ann Torres for pointing out the truth that many other opinion contributors deliberately avoided.

A question for M.S. Gailey: Where do you get your news? Stephen Colbert? Norah O’Donnell, others who have their scripted almost recorded message of falsehoods to recite instead of reporting truthful news. I guess you do know how to plink around on Google, too, huh? Try John F. Floyd commentary: Trump’s long list of accomplishments.

Gini Perger, Oroville


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