Tetris Effect PC has issues, and I don’t care because 144Hz ultrawide

Tetris Effect has launched on PC. You can get it now on the Epic Games Store, and I think it’s a really solid port of the incredible PlayStation version.

On PC, Tetris Effect supports virtual reality headsets. It also has robust suite of graphics options. You can truly customize the look of the game, which is something that was in the PlayStation 4 release. But developer Resonair and publisher Enhance, Inc. expanded on this for PC. You can set the quality of the bloom and the size of the particles. You can also select which display you want the game to appear on. This is huge for me because it makes it simple to get it running on my ultrawide monitor.

But the port still has issues, and at least a few of those are due to launching on the Epic Games Store.

Some players are encountering complications with getting the VR working. It turns out that Epic Games Store doesn’t have support for the necessary tools to run VR games. The game requires Steam to launch, even though it is exclusive to Epic. EpicVR isn’t a thing — SteamVR is.

The Epic Games Store also doesn’t have the same controller support as Steam. On Valve’s service, you can modify your input on a platform level. Epic doesn’t have anything like that, so you have to rely on developers to offer support. And while you can use keyboard-and-mouse while playing Tetris Effect, you can tell that the studio built everything around players using a gamepad.

But it’s still incredible

But the game itself is a joy to play on the PC, and that totally overshadows any of its issues. The aforementioned ultrawide support is incredible. It’s awesome to play on a tiny Tetris field in the middle of the screen while particles and fire-worshippers surround your vision.

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You can also turn off v-sync to get an uncapped framerate, and it’s not like this is a demanding game. So even on maxed out settings and 1.5x super-sampling, I was still able to run the game at more than 144 frames per second.

This is an overused phrase when it comes to Tetris Effect, but having it running at 144Hz on a 32:9 ultrawide is almost a religious experience.

So I wouldn’t let Epic’s issues scare you away from this one. And the store supports refunds, so definitely take the chance to play one of the best games in recent history.



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