‘Temtem’ Is Basically a ‘Pokemon’ MMO

I liked Pokemon Sword and Shield a lot. It almost gave me pretty much everything I wanted from a modern Pokemon game including a step up to home consoles as well as open-world elements. But ever since World of Warcraft took over countless lives over 15 years ago, Pokemon fans have dreamed of an entry in the monster-catching franchise with similar massively multiplayer online ambitions.

Well now someone pretty has gone ahead and made a Pokemon MMO. They just filed the serial numbers off and called it Temtem. Take a look!

Developed by Crema (and published by fellow Ziff Davis company Humble Bundle) Temtem is a role-playing game about hunting cute elemental monsters and pitting them against each other for sport. You receive your task from a professor. You capture them inside cards instead of balls. They evolve into new forms. It’s Pokemon!

But it’s also an MMO. While you can basically treat Temtem like a throwback to earlier Pokemon games, going through top-down dungeons and battling NPCs, you can also interact with actual fellow human players roaming around the world. The game’s focus on double battles, something we wish Pokemon embraced more, aids cooperation. And Temtem’s arguably harsher stamina system, limiting how many powerful moves the monsters can use on each turn, amps up the competitive factor.

Obviously, a Pokemon MMO is something a lot of folks want to check out. So Temtem’s servers are currently swamped. But things are getting steadier as the game continues its early access run on PC before hopefully moving to consoles.


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