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Telefónica offers startups its IoT, blockchain and AI technology

Madrid, May 29, 2020:  In today’s time of pandemic, Telefónica has initiated the Telefónica Activation Programme, an initiative for startups and SMEs in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom seeking to enhance their technological solutions and accelerate their business development through IoT, Blockchain and Big Data/AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies.

The company said in a press release that these technologies grouped under Telefónica Tech, will give “them the opportunity to get to know and take advantage of the company’s different platforms in each of these technologies completely free of charge for a period of six months.”

Startups from these three countries interested in participating in this initiative can submit their applications until June 22 through the website www.activationprogramme.telefonica.com.

In addition, the startups will opt for the possibility of carrying out a pilot with Telefónica and its corporate customer portfolio, as well as being analysed to assess an investment opportunity by Wayra.

“Collaboration is more important than ever, which is why at Connected Open Innovation we want to help start-ups scale by giving them access to our technology platforms through the use of APIs, which are free, agile and simple,” said Irene Gómez, Director of Connected Open Innovation at Telefónica.


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