Teens pitch startup ideas for $8000 in Young Entrepreneurs Competition by Little Wallet

According to the World Bank, Vietnamese students consistently outperform their peers in more advanced markets, despite Vietnam’s lower economic standing. However, Vietnam is one of the countries with the lowest financial literacy globally. Financial education and entrepreneurship usually are not introduced until university.

To address this gap, Little Wallet, with the goal of promoting financial education for teenagers, is determined to make a difference for the next generation. We have developed a Financial Literacy program in our app, led by a team of esteemed global financial experts, including a Harvard MBA graduate, experienced bankers, CEOs, and university professors. This program adheres to US national standards for Financial Literacy but is tailored to suit the unique Vietnamese financial system.

As part of our Financial Literacy program, Little Wallet is proud to present The Young Entrepreneurs Competition for high school students. Inspired by startup competitions in Singapore and the US, we bring this competition to Vietnam to cultivate entrepreneurship and nurture the Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates for our country. This competition offers an exceptional opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the world of startups, business models, and market dynamics. It challenges them to think critically, identify opportunities, and develop innovative solutions for real-world problems. Whether you dream of becoming the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, this competition invites you to submit your ideas and showcase your entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to the opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurial skills, the winners of The Young Entrepreneurs Competition will receive exciting prizes and awards, which will serve as a valuable addition to their resume or academic portfolio, kickstart their entrepreneurial journey and shape their future. It is also a great opportunity for them to learn from and be inspired by an esteemed judging panel that includes startup founders, industry leaders, educators and VCs who are on a mission to ignite the fire of the next generation.

The Young Entrepreneurs Competition represents a pioneering opportunity for high school students in Vietnam to engage in an international entrepreneurial exchange. Spanning three rounds from September 1 and culminating in the finals in Ho Chi Minh City (Canadian International School) and Hanoi (VinUni Entrepreneurship Lab) in October with a startup bootcamp and a pitch day.

Little Wallet believes in empowering the youth of Vietnam with the necessary financial knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to shape their own futures. Encourage the next innovative entrepreneurs to explore their potential and find out more about the Young Entrepreneurs Competition https://www.yec23.littlewallet.co/

Little Wallet, US VC-backed, 2022 Tech in Asia Winner and backed by Visa, was founded by two INSEAD global executive MBA classmates; Rahul Sharma is a former banking technologist with over 25 years of fintech experience working for DBS and Deutsche Bank, and Phoebe Tran – a commercial leader with over 15 years of experience working for Facebook and Google. In Vietnam, Little Wallet partners with VIB to offer a complete family banking app and to enhance the financial experience for kids, teens and the whole family.