Teenage boy hacks multiple Tesla electric cars, claims to have “full control” | Electric Vehicles News

A Nineteen-year-old boy claims that he found a vulnerability in Tesla’s code that gives him control over the cars. David Colombo is a young hacker and IT security specialist from Germany. He claimed that he had ‘full remote control of more than two dozen Tesla cars spread across thirteen different countries in his recent Tweet.

Though David did not explain what softwares were used to perform this feat. But in his explanation, he also said that Tesla is not to be blamed for the vulnerability. Instead, the owners of the vehicles are to be blamed. He specifically mentioned that there are no weak points in Tesla’s software infrastructure.

He also explained that ‘full remote control’ doesn’t mean that he can remotely drive the car as he doesn’t have any control over the elements like acceleration, steering or braking. Though he can control the sound systems, unlock doors and windows, disable the security systems and flash headlights even when the owner is in the car.

As per a news report, U.S based Tesla has a platform where security researchers can register their own vehicles for vulnerability disclosure and testing, which can be pre-approved by the automakers. Tesla pays a sum of $15,000 if a vulnerability is found and confirmed.

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Another news report updated, he was later contacted by the automotive brand to investigate the security issue. Colombo explained that intentions were not maligned. However, what Tesla has to say on the subject remains to be seen.

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