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On today’s Up To Speed, Jess and Matt give us the scoop on the exciting new series “George Talks Tech” with our own Tiki-loving, Hawaiian shirt-wearing pop culture nerd and resident device guy George Koroneos. In the series, George shares all of the latest tech news, tips, tricks, and how-tos to help you get the most out of your gadgets, plus candid discussions with inspiring and entertaining folks from the tech industry.

Tech CEO Tonee Bell

George also shared an inspiring clip from his most recent episode, in which he speaks with A Unity System CEO Tonee Bell about his company’s new product, the Baraka, a three-in-one combination Bluetooth speaker, wireless earbuds and wireless charger.

Tonee talks about the advantages of the product — available in Verizon stores —, as well as the challenges he faced as a black entrepreneur and small business owner in the highly competitive technology field. He caught his big break at the Verizon-hosted Billion Dollar Roundtable, where he met Hans who helped him connect with our device marketing and retail leaders. Since Verizon launched the Baraka late last year, the product has sold out multiple times.

Learn more about Tonee here. Also, check out Tonee’s interview in Forbes to read more about how he built his business and how Verizon is helping small technology suppliers succeed.

BOLD Men Speak

Check out the BOLD Men Speak event in honor of Black History Month on Thursday, February 25, from 5 PM – 6 PM ET. There will be a panel discussion about men in tech featuring BOLD ERG leaders.

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More George, more tech

Keep an eye on Inside Verizon on your social channels later today as George and his son Gabe will be showing us the perfect way to photograph the moon with the new Samsung Galaxy S21.

And, there’s more great content coming soon including V Teamer Jeff Picado’s review of the new Otterbox Mobile Gaming Accessories. Keep an eye on the George Talks Tech playlist for all the latest.

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