Tech & Science Daily: What to expect from Samsung’s new Galaxy S22


amsung’s next ‘unpacked’ event now has a date.

On the 9th of February, we’re expecting to see a new S22 series, alongside a new Ultra device which might take over from the Note series.

So far the leaks suggest the Ultra device will have an S-Pen stylus, and a slightly smaller 6.1 inch display, compared with the S21’s 6.2 inch panel.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to Huon Gray who co-authored a study into Aortic Stenosis.

The new study suggests almost 300,000 people in Britain could have a potentially deadly heart valve disease – including 100,000 who have the condition, but don’t know it. It’s thought around 20,000 new patients could benefit from treatment each year.

It looks like Facebook’s Libra crypto project is coming to an end.

More than two years after it was announced, the Diem Association set up by Facebook to manage the digital token is exploring the sale of its assets.

Plus, will Microsoft honour Activision agreement for COD on Playstation? Data Privacy Week: Why you should read the small print. Should self-driving vehicle companies be held responsible for crashes? More than 200 new animal species discovered in wildlife ‘hotspot’, and why Floridians are being warned about ‘raining reptiles’.

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