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Tech Review – Puro Sound Labs BT2200-Plus Volume Limited Kids Bluetooth Headphones

Kids headphones are a thing you know and we have covered many over the years and in fact Puro has been featured here many times and today we have the latest model which is the BT200 Plus model headphones for kids with volume control, previously review here was the previous model the BT2200 and check out the review here.

OK so these are for kids but that does not stop me trying them out then my daughter tests after me it is how it goes here and how I give my final thoughts and being a kids/teens pair of headphones there is not much technical knowhow on how to use them and use the features, there is no app and all you do is just connect via bluetooth and the job is done it is that simple.

The build quality is excellent the padding is soft and plush with two sets of cups one for over ears and one standard set so you have the option to pick which suits you best or most likely your child in this instance, for me the larger cups obviously done the better job when it comes to noise isolation and the same applied to my daughter with the smaller cups so on that front they do a good job here not having ANC and so on.

The headband is comfortable to and like the cups soft and plush and they are made from vegan protein leather and can be worn for hours on end be it for music or gaming and knowing you are keeping your ears safe from harm, the extension arms are solid and do not move and stay fixed as set when you put them on first.

Puro sound labs BT2200-Plus kids headphones controls – techbuzzireland

The controls are simple to use here and there is limited options here to control things including calls which is done by the bluetooth button, you have a power on/off switch and a volume up and down buttons all which are nicely raised and tactile to use, the is no skip or reverse tracks no voice assistant etc and no app, you can play and pause your music again via the bt button and that is all there is to it nice and simple they are for kids after all.

The sound quality is quite good and better than you would expect from kids headphones even the volume is decent given the target market and keeps things well balanced overall with nice highs lows and mids some bass too and no distortion on top volume either here and overall a pretty clean audio experience and it does not sound cheap either.



  • LIMITS VOLUME TO 85dB: Made to protect young listeners’ eardrums from early hearing damage following the World Health Organization’s recommendation of an 85dB limited volume range.
  • STUDIO-GRADE AUDIO QUALITY: Our patent-pending Puro Balanced Response Curve provides them with the finest genuine studio sound, including clear, crisp vocals and full dynamic bass–all within the safety of 85 dB.
  • BACKGROUND NOISE ISOLATION: Our product features a fully passive design that blocks 83% of the ambient noise @ 1 kHz just by wearing them.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE EAR CUPS: Turn on-ear to over-ear for a better seal and more comfort.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: Durable, vegan protein leather ear cushions and headband. Designed for a comfortable listening experience.


Type of headphone: On-ear headphones & Over-ear
Volume limiting: 85 dBA sound Limit
Ambient noise reduction: 83% of noise
Daisy Chain Cable: For two Puro headphones to share one device
Wireless: Bluetooth® 5.1 wireless capability
Wireless range: Up to 30 feet from Bluetooth® source
Battery life: 20 hours playback; 200 hours standby
Battery type: Lithium ion rechargeable
Charging: USB-C Charging


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