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Tech Review – OMOTON SODI Bagel Robot BM330 Continuity Camera Mount

This little gadget can be used in more ways than one and is affordable and ideal for those who have an iPhone and macbook and can be used as webcam holder being your iPhone or just even for similar third party conferencing apps, it can also be used as a simple phone stand to to give you space and more flexibility whilst on the go or at home and in the office, the build quality is excellent and made with high grade materials and not only can it be with apple products you can use on any laptop in fact as you will see in the video review below.

Being portable is a key factor for me and anyone who travels between rooms or offices and like me who goes to hotels on a regular basis as this will easily fit in a pocket or tech bag making life nice a simple, you can also hook up your iPhone charger if required which tucks away nicely behind the holder itself.

This can be placed at multiple angles and better than a fixed one on your pc or laptop and they usually brutal anyway and this allows you to use your iPhone instead giving a better quality experience, it is simple to use gadget and check the video below for more.

CONTINUITY CAMERA INTEGRATION – Connect, capture, create.

The BM 330 Stand is the ultimate continuity camera mount, compatible with a wide range of PCs and laptops. Seamlessly connect your device and enjoy uninterrupted, high-resolution capture. An instant upgrade for your computer camera.

PERFECT VIDEO PERSPECTIVE – Your angle, your vision.

Unlock your ideal video angle, including Desk View, with versatile, multi-angle capabilities. Whether you’re recording, streaming, or presenting, this stand ensures that you find the most suitable perspective, allowing you to film like never before.

EFFORTLESS CHARGING – Power up and stay focused.

Simply place your MagSafe charging head onto the magnetic disc for convenient and efficient charging, ensuring your device stays powered up without any interruptions.

VERSATILE MOUNTING – Redefining tech compatibility.

The BM 330 Stand offers exceptional compatibility not only with iPhone 12 and above but also with the vast majority of monitors under 55 inches. Its remarkable flexibility even supports curved, irregularly shaped, or non-vertical screens, allowing you to effortlessly connect and expand your display.


  • Three Functions in One Stand. Gear up and protect your tech investment!
  • Optimize Your Computer. Effortlessly attach and mount your iPhone on your iMac or other desktop computer.
  • Get More From Your Tech. Use as a detachable continuity camera mount on your MacBook.
  • Solid Phone Stand. A sleek phone stand to keep your desk organized and easy on the eye.


Video Review


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