Tech Review: Lenovo Yoga C940

With 360-degree rotation and incredible sound, the Lenovo Yoga C940 is a beautiful piece of technology.

Can you hear the sweet sound of victory? It comes when you fold this convertible Ultrabook like a lawn chair, using its 360-degree hinge. The laptop features a rotating soundbar, which always faces you, whichever way you choose to fold the device.

This flip-and-fold laptop has competition in the form of Dell’s XPS 13 and HP’s Spectre x360 13, but its sound sets it apart. There’s bass, without distortion at high volumes. It’s arguably the best audio ever heard from a laptop. Paranoid types will appreciate the device’s sliding door, which blocks the Yoga’s 720p HD camera to prevent online snooping. Doodlers can indulge their animated fantasies with a smart-pen that slots into a silo where it stays charged.

Alexa can be summoned through the device, which performs lots of tasks at once without a hic-cup. Speedy typists might curse at the keyboard, though, which feels under-responsive.



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