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Tech Review – iStorage Diskashur M2 240gb SSD. #Tech #GDPR – techbuzzireland

Storing information a key factor in todays world but having the right tools for the job is more important and with GDPR compliance now a key factor in holding data iStorage is one company to look at here with their product range and we have been long time users of their products and they get our stamp of approval.

Recently we checked out their flash drive which is a nifty tool to have at your disposal and portable and their latest offering the M2 which is also portable and much smaller than their older offerings such as the DT2 however still a great piece of kit.

Their is alot of technical jargon and so many features when it comes to talking about these products but in short they are the tools you need to keep your data safe and not get fined for data breaches. We go through the set up process below and show you how it works in the video below. The unit has a keypad up front where you set up your own password and the keys are wearproof. You get the cables required and have a choice of USB-C and A you might would need an adapter if you have no USB-C on your PC but fear not these adapters work regardless and does not lock you out as I have had to with some drives I have as my laptop has no USB-C port.

You have also got LED status lights up top and these indicate the lock status etc and good to have. You also get a cover on the unit to protect you from harm and accidental keypresses one would assume but either way you will have a tough password to crack in the first place. When it comes to data transfer it is quick and easy and no issues seen and the same bringing it back so overall a simple to use product to give you the optimum experince with you data held in safe hands and saving you hassle in the long run.

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So who is this for? Well anyone really especially those on the move with office and home work or moving between locations and for anyone else being honest as I would like to have my data secured and not seen by anyone else…

iStorage sent us this press sample and they are seeing this review the same time as you



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