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Tech Review – Edifier QD35 Bluetooth speaker

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As all my readers know I love my Bluetooth speakers and I have many here in the house and some passed onto family and friends due to space and newer versions however I tend to hold onto the good stuff regardless, Edifier is one of those brands I am a fan of for many years with the consistency of great tech and audio experience, when I got word of this speaker however my eyes lit up more than usual because of what I seen in the images and I just said I WANT!! Now having said that I am not biased with products from brands I like and use and call them out on the things I do not like and this includes this speaker and in short there is nothing to not like really and if you are a fan of Edifier you will feel the same and this is their first instance of such a product with RGB lights as far as I am aware of unless there is some other regional products I have not seen yet. The Edifier QD35 is their latest offering and we look at it today after testing it out for some time. This speaker is so cool it looks great just sitting there with no music on and not only that you can charge your devices with it so it is now part of my tech desk as it serves more than one purpose in once space and looks great doing it and not only that it fast charges and for my set up ideal for using in reviews.

The speaker is hefty which I like by that I mean it is small but has weight to it and yet still portable, the build quality is excellent and the design is great with some twisty dials throwing a nod to yesteryear USB and USB-C ports 3.5 aux and a nice old hefty power on/off switch which is on the rear, we have a USB A port on the rear too and one on the side coupled with a USB-C port and the opposite side is the dials and a button to change input that you press, the layout is clever and nice and the finish is excellent with a clear front and white sides with torx bolts on the clear front and the then you have the clock and the brand name lit up and the kaleidoscopic display of colored lights.



The Edifier QD35 is an all-in-one music system. It is certified to both “Hi-Res Audio” and “Hi-Res Audio Wireless” standards. The USB-A port and the AUX jack on the rear panel support high-resolution audio signals. With the enhancement of LDAC technology, you can also stream high-quality music with a 96kHz sampling rate to this speaker via Bluetooth. The 1-inch silk diaphragm dome tweeters are finely tuned for the exact reproduction of highs, from which the trebles sound crisp and bright. With the enhancement of MazeTube Bass Reflex Channels and TurbMuff Air Noise Suppression Technology, port noises and resonance are reduced to their lowest level.


The App 

The app since the last time we tested it has go a bit of an overhaul and looks great and is simple to use with an nice UI you can see the screenshots below and go watch the video review on a much more detailed look at the app and you can see all the features there and how to navigate the menu structure it is simple overall and really nice to use and lets you interact with the speaker in many ways however you can apply some settings with the toggles on the speaker and all is replicated in the app.

How does it sound then? It sounds great as you will see in the demo below and with the options of the app above you can customise to your own needs which is great, there is no distortion when turned up to the max no tinny sound either and it just bangs out the tunes in all their glory, there is nothing not to like about it and how the lights dance to the tunes which again you can change and customise to your own needs.

Overall this is a super cool speaker and the best so far from the company in terms of keeping with the trends today with RGB lighting looks and controls and much more this will sit well in anyone’s house or garage not only delivering great sound but it also offers the option to charge other devices while you do it.

Main Features:

  • LDAC codec with Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification
  • “Hi-Res Audio” and “Hi-Res Audio Wireless” standards
  • Stunning lighting displays
  • Bluetooth 5.3, USB-A, Aux-in
  • 40 RMS setting
  • Customized EQ settings


Video Review


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