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Tech Review – Creative Outlier Free+ and Outlier Free Pro+

Bone conduction headphones have surged in popularity over the last two years and we know that due to the numerous models we have tested and stay tuned for more by the way which are in the review process and for the most these are simple products to use and set up and again for the most there is no app to content with so they are a connect to your phone device and away you go, some however offer more and then you have Air conduction headphones.

Creative however is not new to the scene here nor is the brand and known for delivering excellent audio products be it speakers headphones or earbuds and this is their second time around now with these bone conducting headphones and there is an improvement on last years models and that being in the sound department.

I am speaking about the two products in one review because they are almost identical and the pro offering extra on board storage and a better IP rating other than that the sound for me was identical the controls are identical and the audio profiles are also identical so is the looks apart from the colour choice.

The build quality is great as before and these are super robust they could be flung about the place and still work they can be twisted and tortured and they still work so they are built to last.

Some folk find these neckband type headphones annoying and the questions I always get asked is does the band bounce up and down and how do they sound same two questions all the time oddly enough they never ask about battery life or any other factors.

The neckband sits nicely on your neck to begin with and stays there even in the gym once you have these sat on your ears correct there will be no issue now you might get the odd bounce on the neck if you push it but for the most they are grand and comfortable the only difference is they don’t do in your ears and that is a transition you can only decide if it is for you and it is not as bad as some might be lead to believe.

Controls are simple to use on these guys and both identical you cet three small raised buttons that are tactile and work well to do all the things you need to do so which is volume control skip and reverse tracks play and pause control calls and activate your voice assistant so you have all the controls required however there is no app here.. You have a mfb or better known as a multifunction button which you press 4 times yes 4 times to change the latency, now I say 4 times however there is some earbuds I recently tested that went up to 5 times to do something which is a bit of a joke to be honest.

How do they sound then, well they will and bone conducting headphones will never be as good as headphones or earbuds however the sound quality is getting better as the technology improves over time and for me it has from what I have tested to date and these have vastly improved over their previous models and you have to take into account these are aimed at the sporty person but anyone can wear them which I often do asides from testing.

These both have some bass in there pretty decent sound overall for the technology in play here and deliver a good audio experience whilst being able to hear what is going on around you which is important, not as good as in ear earbuds or headphones but overall you can’t complain when using this technology but it is getting better.

Creative Outlier Free+ is priced at £89.99 and is available at For more information, visit

Creative Outlier Free Pro+ is priced at £119.99 and is available at For more information, visit

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