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Tarek Mounir, Founder & CEO, Enhance Fitness

Tarek Mounir, Founder & CEO, Enhance Fitness

Published: Sun 24 Dec 2023, 8:54 PM

Like most aspects of our lives, technology has powered its way into the fitness business as well.

“The future of fitness is not only about physical well-being but also about the technological tools that make it possible to achieve and maintain a healthier life. We are excited about the path ahead and the positive impact we can make on a global scale,” Tarek Mounir, Founder & CEO, Enhance Fitness, told Khaleej Times in an interview. Excerpts:

How do you believe innovation, particularly in the realm of tech-powered fitness, can help businesses in your industry?

Innovation offers a substantial advantage to the fitness industry. For example, our SaaS enterprise solution provides gym operators with unparalleled efficiency and transparency. By streamlining administrative tasks, centralising data, and offering granular data analytics, our technology optimises operations, enhances customer satisfaction, and boosts retention rates.

This kind of innovation empowers gyms to tailor their offerings to client needs – creating a win-win situation for both businesses and their clientele.

What are your thoughts on the future of tech-powered fitness, and how do you envision it evolving in the coming years?

I envision a pivotal shift towards what Peter Attia (a Canadian American physician known for his work in longevity medicine) terms ‘Med 3.0,’ a concept he discusses in his book ‘Outlive.’

Instead of primarily relying on prescriptive medicine to treat diseases, we are witnessing a significant change in mindset towards preventive medicine. It is about leading healthier lives to reap long-term benefits and reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases. This shift is driven by a growing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

More and more people and industries are incorporating healthy eating and regular exercise into their daily routines. The demand for wellness services is on the rise, and technology is becoming a critical component in scaling, monitoring, and improving these services.

This is where Enhance Tech comes into play. Through our PT management software and advanced technology infrastructure, we empower fitness businesses to thrive in this new era. Our solutions enable gyms, trainers, and clients to seamlessly connect and interact, making fitness more accessible, engaging, and effective.

Can you share insights into your entrepreneurship journey and how it has shaped your business?

My journey as an entrepreneur has seen me navigate across several different industries, including music with Deezer and media with Warner Bros. Discovery. This has made me appreciate the immense value of having a diverse set of experiences.

In a world as fast and dynamic as the fitness industry, this range of perspectives and skills have been a true asset to me. It has allowed me to think beyond traditional boundaries and approach challenges with a more open and adaptable mindset.

An important part of working in the music streaming industry is learning how to develop customer-centric tech products and provide exceptional customer support. So having this skillset has been invaluable in building the Enhance Tech stack.

My involvement with startups and Dubai angel investors has also reinforced the significance of a resilient founding team, a clear product market fit, and the pressing need for innovation.

It is not just about applying strategies from one industry to another but understanding the underlying principles that drive success and adapting them to fit the dynamics of the fitness sector.

I would also say that my experiences have taught me the importance of understanding and appreciating the unique qualities and talents each person brings to the table. Fostering a motivating and inclusive environment is key for retaining a cohesive team.

The right product, the right team with the right blend of skills and perspectives, is the heart of our success.

Under your leadership, what has Enhance Fitness achieved?

We have overcome challenges such as financial constraints, global crises, and market competition while still establishing a prominent position in the fitness industry.

Enhance Fitness is now the Middle East’s top independent provider of personal trainers, boasting an elite squad of over 350 professionals across KSA, UAE, and Qatar – and growing every day.

Through our commitment to innovation and customer-centric approaches, we have developed cutting-edge technology solutions for gym operators worldwide.

Could you elaborate on your venture into the global market with Enhance Fitness’ cutting-edge SaaS enterprise solution for large-scale gym operators?

This journey is a natural extension of our commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles. We aim to make fitness more accessible and effective for people around the world, using technology as a driving force.

Our mission is clear – we are leveraging advanced predictive modeling to boost revenue, reduce client churn, and optimise the value for personal training clients. Our vision is to lead the way in reshaping the global fitness industry.

How do you see the role of SaaS solutions in shaping the future of the fitness industry, especially in terms of scalability and global impact?

These solutions are instrumental in enabling scalability, efficiency, and transparency- all crucial for global impact. At Enhance, our SaaS enterprise solution empowers gyms with tools that transcend borders, facilitating global expansion and connectivity.

These solutions create a closely-knit ecosystem where trainers, clients, and management collaborate effortlessly, regardless of geographical limitations. This interconnectedness is not merely about convenience; it is about forging a global community dedicated to health and well-being.

Looking ahead, SaaS solutions will remain instrumental in the growth of a more integrated, scalable, and impactful fitness realm worldwide. They simplify operations and enable individuals to pursue healthier lifestyles regardless of where they are in the world.


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