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Tech Mahindra partners Cogniac for AI-based visual data solution

Tech Mahindra has announced partnership with Cogniac, a San Jose, California-based provider of enterprise-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) image and video analysis, to simplify data management for enterprises globally.

The partnership will enhance operational productivity for enterprises by maximising the value of visual data across industries, including automotive, railway, manufacturing, and government.

Tech Mahindra looking to hire talent from Tier-2 cities and overseas markets

Tech Mahindra and Cogniac’s AI-based Enterprise Vision Platform will enable enterprises to capitalise on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and convolutional neural networks to deliver superhuman operational performance across sectors.

Rahul Bhuman, Vice-President and Head of Emerging Business, Tech Mahindra said, “In this partnership, with the combined capabilities of Tech Mahindra and Cogniac, we will help customers leverage visual data across sectors, which is currently underutilised.”

Tech Mahindra expects double-digit growth in Cloud business in FY22

The partnership will provide a comprehensive solution to enterprises globally to operationalise visual data collection and analysis, including advanced insights, trends, and outliers. This will help organisations to leverage currently underutilised visual data to optimise operations and foster growth and productivity, thus, further positioning Tech Mahindra as a go-to provider of cognitive inspection for the industrial manufacturing customers.


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