Tech Firm Sets New Security Standards, Unveils VerifyNG App In Nigerian Market

A pioneer in AI, biometrics, machine learning, and big data solutions, Quantum Space Dynamics Inc. (QSD) has unveiled VerifyNG, a revolutionary facial recognition verification software created especially for the Nigerian market.

VerifyNG is designed to meet the increasing need for robust security solutions in a number of industries, such as corporations, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and government agencies.

In a press statement made available to LEADERSHIP, the company revealed that VerifyNG leverages advanced biometric technology to deliver unparalleled security and streamline the identity verification process; this user-friendly app ensures a smooth and efficient experience, minimising onboarding times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Speaking on the core functionalities of VerifyNG, the company said the app enhances security, adding that facial recognition technology eliminates unauthorized access and significantly reduces the risk of fraud.

“It also improves user experience. The intuitive interface and streamlined verification process make VerifyNG user-friendly and efficient. VerifyNG caters to sectors like banking, healthcare, and government services that require the highest levels of security and it positions itself as a leader in biometric verification technology, setting new standards within the industry,” the company stated.

VerifyNG targets a broad range of users, including: Businesses seeking secure and efficient user verification. Financial institutions requiring robust authentication methods. Healthcare providers needing secure patient verification. Government agencies seeking secure access control and identity verification. Tech-savvy users interested in leveraging the latest technology for security and convenience.

Quantum Space Dynamics Inc. specialises in biometric verification, machine learning, predictive analysis, and data security and governance. With extensive experience servicing government and private entities in the US, the company is exploring opportunities to enhance security and service delivery across Nigerian organisations.

The company’s chief IT Architect, Chukwu Didi Hart said VerifyNG’s commitment to innovation and its proven track record position the app as a leading player in the biometric verification market. “VerifyNG fosters a collaborative ecosystem, partnering with industry leaders and innovators to drive the development of cutting-edge biometric solutions,” Hart added.

VerifyNG seeks to address the numerous existing and emerging security challenges in Nigeria’s fast-growing digital economy, the chief marketing officer at Quantum Space Dynamics Inc, Morakinyo Omotosho affirmed, adding that “VerifyNG’s intuitive interface and streamlined verification process ensure a smooth and efficient user experience, minimizing onboarding times and enhancing customer satisfaction.”

As VerifyNG continues to expand its reach and refine its technology, it sets new standards for security and user experience in Nigeria, paving the way for a more secure and digitally literate future.


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