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Teamgroup 1TB Elite A1 microSD card review

Two minute review

It’s been nearly three year since the first 1TB microSD card launched. Since then, large capacity MicroSD memory cards have come down in price in a spectacular fashion and Teamgroup has played a big role in making that happen. The challenger storage brand has been one of the most aggressive players in the market over the past few years, delivering some storage deals for price sensitive consumers.

Its flagship microSD card, the Elite A1, aims to extend this competitive trait to an audience that looks for performance as well. And this card delivers, in spades, with some of the best benchmark numbers we’ve seen on a 1TB microSD card to date. Add in lifetime warranty and you’ve got a pretty good deal; just bear in mind that there were slightly cheaper options available elsewhere at the time of writing which may sway those looking for the absolute cheapest offer.

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