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Jamshedpur: Tata Motors, the global automobile company, has banned its employees from using mobile phones at its Jamshedpur plant workplaces. The ban which will be effective from March 11 will cover all trainees, temporary and contractual employees.

Company officials said the ban has been introduced on a pilot basis as a safety and security measure and it will be extended to permanent employees, too. They said the initiative would help increase the productivity quotient apart from ensuring safety of the workers, particularly for those working in the manufacturing units.

Tata Motors’ senior manager (communications) Pallavi Roy said, “In a factory where heavy machines are operated, persons manning the job need to be on high alert at every moment and even the slightest of casualness could invite danger. Hence, it was decided to ban use of phones on the company premises.” She also said the deadline for the second phase under which permanent employees would also be covered under the ban by not allowing them use the phones during working hours has not been decided.

“On the basis of the outcome of our initiative, corrections would be made, if so requires, to make it more employee-friendly,” Roy said, adding, “A small chunk of workers who are supposed to update their managers about production-related matters on a regular basis will be exempted from the ban.”

Meanwhile, a senior executive of the company on the condition of anonymity said the purpose of banning the mobile phones is to prevent industrial espionage and avert leakage of confidential details relating to engineering specifications and technological know-how. The official said, “In this competitive environment, it is a must to keep engineering specifications of new models of vehicles top secret and any leakage could cost dearly to the company. Understanding the penetration capability of smartphones, the company thought it prudent to ban their use on its premises.”

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