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Supermarket sells refurbished Apple phones for $359

With the Christmas holidays now a distant memory (sigh) most of us are tightening our purse strings as 2021 gets well and truly underway.

Which is why it might be good to know that Coles has a wallet-friendly iPhone on sale from today in case your faithful phone carked it after the stress of 2020.

The supermarket will be selling refurbished second-hand iPhone 8s from Boost Mobile for $359 in a deal that includes a $10 prepaid SIM.

All iPhones have been inspected by Boost Mobile to make sure they are a genuine Apple product and have their previous data wiped.

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They also come with a 12 month warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as well as its special introductory price.

Coles non-food general manager Jonathan Torr said the supermarket decided to launch another iPhone deal for shoppers after the “very strong demand” of the last sale.

In November, the supermarket sold second-hand iPhone 7s from Boost Mobile for $259 each.

“We were delighted to see the response from our customers when we first offered refurbished smartphones through Boost Mobile in late 2020,” Mr Torr said in a statement.

“There is clearly very strong demand for well-priced, high quality refurbished smartphones and we are happy to roll this out to be a truly national opportunity for our customers after our initial trial, as we continue to deliver value for our customers in a more sustainable way.”

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Boost Mobile founder Peter Adderton said the response to the first Coles iPhone sale had been “phenomenal”.

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“We can now step it up with a newer iPhone model that will go across the country and is perfect timing for kids going back to school,” he said.

“We want all Australians to stay connected without the unnecessary high costs and we are happy to once again deliver a versatile, quality and incredibly well-priced offering through the refurbished iPhone 8 as Australians seek cost effective options more than ever before.”

The iPhones are expected to be popular, with shoppers advised to get in early so they don’t miss out on the special price.

“We know that the refurbished iPhones sell out very quickly so customers’ need to get in early to avoid disappointment, there are no rainchecks,” Mr Torr said.


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