Startups companies have been booming during pandemic

TUCSON – Even before the pandemic, technology startups have been booming in Arizona. Now that most people are returning to work, some have decided to go in another direction and start up their own companies.

Startup Tucson received a grant to specifically support entrepreneurs as they recover from the pandemic under the new SPRINT challenge program. So far Startup Tucson has registered 20 different startups.

Dre Thompson is the executive vice president of Startup Tucson .

“They are ready to start hiring,” she said. “They are ready to start creating strong, high-paying jobs, but they just need a little bit of extra support.”

Startup Tucson was very surprised with the type of people that have begun startups as things are slowly returning to normal.

“Millennials were not starting companies at the same rates as their peers from prior generations,” Thompson said. “There was a big concern that entrepreneurship and startup communities were really not really going to be for the next generation.”

2020 seemed to change a lot of people. Many people are now quitting their jobs and taking a chance with their ideas.

The problem many people have is that they aren’t focusing on the importance of social media with their new startups.

That is another area where Startup Tucson is helping.

Angelique Aubrahm is a program coordinator with the group.

“We want to allow them to be able to create amazing content from the comfort of having someone to hold their hand through the process,” she said.

This is not about just technology companies.

Startup Tucson is also looking to help people that want to start local restaurants as well.

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For more information, visit startuptucson.com.


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