Start university with a saving thanks to this 9-month fibre student broadband deal

You’ve confirmed your university on UCAS, you’ve chosen your halls or living arrangements, you’ve even invested in an entire IKEA kitchen set (oh, you keen student you). But one thing that might not have even crossed your mind is what to do about your broadband deal.

The major difficulty of choosing your broadband as a student is the knowledge that most broadband packages are 12 or 18 months. That means you’ll be paying not just through term-time, but also through the summer while you’re back home.

Luckily, we have a solution for you. An exclusive TechRadar broadband deal with a contract of just 9 months. And, costing just £18.99 a month, you’re not even having to pay much to get this offer – especially considering you get to share the cost between you.

So whether you’re a wide-eyed first year sorting your new house or a final year student tiredly stumbling into the new term, you can see this offer in full below. Or see a full list of the best student broadband deals with our dedicated guide.

This exclusive 9-month student broadband deal

Onestream Jetstream Lite Unlimited Broadband | 9 month contract | 17Mb average speed | Line rental inc. | £9.99 upfront cost | £18.99 per month
For those students who want to get the best value out of their internet, this package is perfect. It lines up with your term times, saving you money when you go home over the summer. And, at a price of just £18.99 it works out as one of the cheaper options available. The only problem – the speeds. This falls in as the slowest (and cheapest) fibre around – look below for faster options.
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What other student broadband options are there?

The only real issue with this offer is the speeds that you’ll be getting. At 17Mb, this is technically fibre but it doesn’t quite match the speeds you can expect elsewhere. With that in mind, if you still want to cling on to the flexibility but want some faster speeds, Virgin could be the way to go.

Offering a collection of 1-month rolling plans with speeds starting at 213Mb, Virgin could be ideal if you’re moving into a large house share. Unlike the Onestream deal, where this falls short is in its pricing.

With prices starting at £40 a month, this will most likely benefit big houses where bills can be split across a good few people.



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