Starfield gets a new release date and a summer live stream

After being delayed out of 2022, Starfield now has an official release date: September 6. Bethesda shared the news via a new trailer, which confirms that a Starfield Direct with more information is coming on June 11.

While Starfield was never given a firm release date following last year’s delay, the September move is technically another delay. Bethesda had previously noted that the game would launch in the first half of 2023. A September launch pushes it out of that window, setting it up as this holiday season’s biggest release at present.

We’ll have to wait a little longer to get more details on the game. In the trailer, game director Todd Howard confirms that the outer space RPG will get its own Direct presentation on June 11. The stream will take players “into the studio” to provide a deep dive into the game. Interestingly, that would put the stream right around E3 — an event that Microsoft is reportedly skipping.

While most of the video focuses on Howard, it does sneakily reveal a lot of gameplay footage via TVs in the background. Players in Bethesda’s studio can be seen running around a planet in third-person and switching to first-person to show off a few weapons. The opening minute of the trailer shows off some new cinematics too, which almost seem like a  callback to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Though Starfield won’t launch as early as planned, Bethesda still has a busy summer ahead. Co-op shooter Redfall is scheduled to launch on May 2, which should give the publisher’s fans something to do until Starfield lands on September 6.

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