Sprint launches unlimited mobile cloud games with Hatch on 5G

Cloud gaming is sprinting forward today as Sprint launches unlimited mobile cloud gaming with Hatch Premium on Sprint’s 5G mobile network.

The latest Sprint 5G smartphones include a complimentary three-month subscription to Hatch Premium, which offers more than 100 premium games, cloud streaming, and the capability to face off with friends in live games and tournaments.

Sprint said the combination of mobile cloud gaming — where games are streamed via the cloud to mobile devices — and mobile 5G will create an unrivaled game experience.

Sprint 5G said 5G will provide its customers with faster speeds, better reliability, immediate responsiveness, and a wide selection of on-demand mobile games.

The games include Monument Valley, Beach Buggy Racing and Angry Birds Go. Hatch will be available on Sprint 5G smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 ThinQ 5G, and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G.

Above: Monument Valley on Hatch

Image Credit: Sprint/Hatch

Sprint’s customers using a 5G capable smartphone will receive:

  • Unlimited on-demand access to Hatch Premium’s curated portfolio of more than 100 premium mobile games, including Chameleon Run and Monument Valley, the award-winning Crashlands, and exclusive Hatch Originals like Angry Birds Go ,Turbo Edition and Arkanoid Rising.
  • A rich social gaming experience, including competitive leaderboards and shared gameplay sessions with voice chat.
  • The ability to connect with friends and join live tournaments.
  • Access to Hatch Kids, a safe space for kids to play, create and learn without any advertising or in-game purchasing.

Above: Hatch tournament

Image Credit: Sprint/Hatch

“With the availability of Hatch on Sprint 5G smartphones, gaming on True Mobile 5G really comes alive,” said Bryan Fries, the vice president of 5G strategy at Sprint, in a statement. “Sprint 5G customers will be able to play games instantly without having to wait to download or update games – a true breakthrough in the mobile universe.”

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Hatch games can be played instantly over the internet with no downloads or updates necessary. Premium mobile games are streamed to the user through a subscription model instead of incremental in-app purchases, which means that players get instant, unlimited access to premium games without any in-game purchases, limits or paywalls beyond the flat monthly fee.

“We’re incredibly proud to deliver our service alongside Sprint 5G,” said Nick Thomas, vice president of commercial partnerships at Hatch, in a statement. “As a 5G mobile game streaming platform, Hatch is one of the first consumer-facing services that demonstrates the power of Sprint’s 5G network. We can’t wait for customers to experience it for themselves. Mobile cloud game streaming has long been imagined, and now, in partnership with Sprint, it is a reality.”

After the complimentary three-month subscription ends, Hatch is $8 per month per line. Customers can cancel anytime. The Helsinki-based Hatch spun out of Rovio.


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