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The controversial idea originated after examining primordial . These extreme entities were created as a part of the nascent Universe.

This was a dark cosmic interlude before stars or galaxies were even formed.

The space scientists have proposed how such ancient black holes could potentially account for unusual cosmic possibilities.

These range from bafflingly-bizarre “baby Universes” to more accepted major features such as dark matter.

Astrophysicists employed the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) on Hawaii’s huge 8.2m Subaru Telescope to study the exotic primordial black holes.

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One repercussion of this means a minority of the larger baby universes might not have gone so quietly.

Past a certain tipping-point, Einstein’s theory of gravity allows such a universe could be perceived differently by alien onlookers.

Those inhabiting such an observable universe would witness something expanding.

However, those on the outside would view this baby universe as a black hole.

This theory has led some to question whether everything known to exist is potentially on the inside or outside of such a universe.

This multiverse logic could also mean it may be possible that while primordial black holes would appear to us as black holes, their true structural natures could be concealed by their “event horizons”.

These are recognised as the boundaries surrounding black holes exhibiting such power, even light is unable to escape.

Although such thoughts are counter-intuitive, such ideas have been widely discussed before.

Another study published last year found so-called “charged” black holes may include within them infinitely-repeating fractal universes.

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These could theoretically be stretched and deformed in multiple directions.


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