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Space Needle utilises artificial intelligence to manage visitors

Seattle’s iconic, 184-metre Space Needle is using artificial intelligence (AI) to manage its visitors more effectively and safely.


The Washington state attraction, which welcomes one million people annually for its panoramic views, has implemented Veovo’s AI-powered Crowd Management solution.


In a separate statement, Veovo announced that London Gatwick Airport is also installing its technology to accelerate its vision of a passenger-centred travel future earlier this month.


Granular view


To effectively manage visitors while complying with workplace safety requirements, the Space Needle needed a granular, real-time view of the people numbers and movement. This includes the number of guests on any given day, how much time they spend on the property, and in each observation deck and restaurant.


Veovo’s solution provides the Space Needle with accurate insights into guests’ queue and dwell times throughout the day and at each observation level. The data will, over time, provide the Space Needle with trends, thereby helping identify peak periods and areas more accurately.


This will help them plan ahead to match staffing, capacity and resources with visitor demand, and minimise overcrowding and distribute guests more evenly, to offer a safer and better experience.

“By understanding how people enjoy the Space Needle’s observation decks, food and beverage experiences, and amenities, we can better provide both a safe and enjoyable experience,” said Luis Quintero, senior operations manager at the Space Needle.


“Through Veovo’s crowd management solution, we can reduce and prevent overcrowding, while understanding trends over time will allow us to optimise our operations and resourcing.”

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Predicting airport passengers


London Gatwick Airport will use Passenger Predictability solution to optimise security operations and improve passenger flow. The partnership will allow the airport to efficiently handle increasing passenger numbers and build back better for a more sustainable, passenger-centred travel experience.


The AI-powered technology gives Gatwick real-time awareness of people’s movement and experiences in the North and South terminal security areas. This insight guides the airport to plan layout and lane openings, predict bottlenecks, and make informed decisions on the go.

“Through Veovo’s crowd management solution, we can reduce and prevent overcrowding, while understanding trends over time will allow us to optimise our operations and resourcing”

As the platform is not restricted by proprietary sensor technology, it can aggregate and analyse people movement data from any source. This flexibility allows the airport to integrate and protect its existing stereo vision camera investments with new IoT sensors and data sources, enhancing its understanding of customer behaviour across the airport.


The Veovo cloud software platform bundles analytics and visualisations to deliver historical, live and predicted insights into passenger density and flow by flight. It provides valuable metrics such as actual and forecasted waiting times, occupancy, and passenger throughput. This allows airports and their partners to prevent congestion, minimise wait times and comply with service-level agreements.



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