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South Korea: Robot with artificial intelligence helps fight COVID-19 spread

As South Korea eased COVID-19 restrictions, a mobile operator company in the country is reportedly using a robot to reduce human contact and maintain sanitation in the building. According to an international media outlet, a self-driving robot equipped with cameras and an LED screen greets visitors at the lobby of the firm. The robots also check the temperature of the employees and also dispenses hand sanitiser and disinfect the floor. 

The white robot politely also reminds people to ‘take part in social distancing’. Several corporate companies in South Korea have now reportedly been using robotic for tasks including manufacturing and cleaning. The technology is now also getting a boost as people are trying to minimise human contact due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak. 

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Robot to minimise human contact

As per reports, the robot is developed jointly by SK Telecom and Omron Electronics Korea. The technology transmits data to its server in real-time, powered by the telecom company’s fifth-generation (5G) technology. Furthermore, the robot reportedly also sets off an alarm if anyone’s temperature is over 37.5 Celsius. While using artificial intelligence (AI), the robot also detects gathering and advises people to disperse. Moreover, the robot also reminds people to put on make if they are not wearing one. 

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While speaking to an international media outlet, Ra Kyhong-hwan, head of data business cooperation at SK Telecom and one of the developers, said that the robot helps minimise people-to-people contact and reduce the time that’s taken for temperature checks at the entrance, and the AI technology raises accuracy. Kyhong-hwan also informed that the technology is also armed with ultraviolet lamps and two disinfectant sprayers and the robot can disinfect 99 per cent of the surface area in 10 minutes. 

Several businesses and retailers are eyeing robots and especially amid COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to the South Korean firm, the Singapore government also started using spy robots in a bid to remind people to ‘stay safe, stay home’. In order to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus, Singapore’s Public Utilities Board are now using robots to make sure there are no large gatherings in public spaces. According to an international media report, the O-R3 shares data collected through its 360-degree surveillance camera with public health officers. 

(Image: Rep/AP)

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