Sony Finally Lets You Change Your PSN Name

Part of the reason why the Xbox 360 performed better than the PlayStation 3 throughout most of that generation was the strength of Xbox Live. Microsoft just offered better, richer online functionality than Sony, functionality worth paying for. In response, Sony rolled out its own PlayStation Network service, and while it took some time to get there, it currently rivals Xbox Live in terms of features and quality. The sales success of PS4 is a testament to that.

However, one inexplicable drawback of PSN throughout the past decade is that users have been unable to change their names. Presumably because of how the tech was initially cobbled together, millions of users have been unfortunately stuck with whatever dumb handle they first came up with years ago. Until now. Sony is finally delivering on its delayed promise to let users change their PSN names.

Starting today in America and tomorrow in Europe, PSN users can visit Sony’s site to change their names at last. The first change is free and you can pay to change it as many times as you like after that. Extra changes cost $10 or $5 if you’re already a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Changing your name back to its original ID is also free and no one else can claim it.

You may still want to hold off, though. The reason why Sony still wants you to remember your old name, even displaying it after your new name for the first month, is that name changes may still cause issues for games published before April 2018. Sony has reported “critical issues” in big games like Bloodborne and Grand Theft Auto V while testing. Hopefully they can be fixed soon.

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Between PSN name changes and opening up cross-play functionality, it’s nice to see often times arrogant Sony responding well to constructive criticism. Hopefully this bodes well for the PS5. For more on PlayStation check out the cool new Remote Play app for iOS and read our recent hands-on with upcoming cool PlayStation VR games like Iron Man VR and No Man’s Sky VR.



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