Solidus AITECH Earns 6 Significant Badges From Leading Smart Contract Auditor, CertiK

If you are a blockchain enthusiast, then you must have heard of Solidus AI Tech, which recently announced securing 6 badges from blockchain security expert and Smart Contract auditor CertiK. Recently, it has featured in several positive headlines and become a well-known blockchain project that is growing at an unprecedented rate.

But those who have been following Solidus AI Tech since 2022 would know that it all began with getting a nod from CertiK. Standing out in the world of emerging cryptos backed by unique blockchain technologies and driven by different objectives is tough. But Solidus AI Tech has been able to make a name for itself by constantly staying up-to-date.

Here is a glimpse of the collaboration between Solidus AI Tech and CertiK to understand why it matters:

  • The first collaboration between Solidus AI Tech and CertiK took place when the former was verified by the latter. Only a handful of authentic and promising blockchain projects receive verification from CertiK. Having this verification prove a successfully completed audit makes Solidus AI Tech authentic, safe for investment, and legit. Making a powerful first impression for a growing project like Solidus AI Tech is mandatory, and CertiK verification helped it achieve that.
  • Last year, Solidus AI Tech officially shared that it successfully passed every single stage required to complete the CertiK KYC process. This KYC process is observed as a standard for all legitimate blockchain projects in the industry. So by completing it, Solidus AI Tech officially received a KYC gold badge from CertiK. The news spread like wildfire, making Solidus AI Tech stand out as a genuine project featured on the CertiK security leaderboard.
  • Later on, the teamwork between Solidus AI Tech and CertiK continued as the former announced receiving two more honorable badges. Though Solidus AI Tech had already secured the KYC gold badge, CertiK handed it the CertiK Skynet as well as CertiK ERC-20 formal verification. The CertiK Skynet is awarded only to projects using CertiK’s on-chain security monitoring and data insights. The formal verification, on the other hand, is for industry-leading projects that have scored in the top 10% by CertiK.
  • Solidus AI Tech has also achieved a spot in the top 10% of watchlists on CertiK, which gives it another badge of honor. Other than that, it also has an active and ongoing bug bounty program in cooperation with CertiK. As a result, Solidus AI Tech gets to flaunt its fifth badge from the popular auditor. All of its achievements and fame bring Solidus AI Tech into CertiK’s top 10%, where only a handful of overachievers get listed.

The aforementioned achievements completed by Solidus AI Tech and the badges it has earned are verifiable, easily understood, and unique indicators. Securing the aforementioned badges has been a difficult yet rewarding experience for both the project and its supporters. The presence of these badges instills confidence and genuineness, which in turn encourages investors to put their trust in Solidus AI Tech as an investment. For more information, visit:


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