Solar battery system that could help you live your dream on the road

A nomad’s best friend: BLUETTI’s AC500 reaches 80% power with as little as 1.5 hours charging up (Picture: BLUETTI)

Have you ever considered taking your life out on the open road? As remote working becomes commonplace, embracing the life of a digital nomad has never been easier – especially with the help of a peerless power solution by BLUETTI.

People across Britain are swapping the mortgage for a motor home and spending their idle hours exploring the far-reaching corners of the kingdom and beyond. All you need is to take a quick scroll down your social feed and you’ll see individuals, newlyweds and even families packing up shop and tasting a freedom they never thought possible.

Even when just packing the essentials, gone are the days of having to do without while travelling. All you need is to invest in the latest tech and your car boot can be as well equipped as a bungalow. With the advanced energy technology of the BLUETTI AC500 (RRP. £2,599) at your disposal, you’re ready for whatever may come your way.

Taking the reins form the AC300, which can be used as a fully comprehensive power backup solution for the home, its successor takes portable power stations to whole new level. 

At home as on the road: TheAC500 is also perfect for keeping things up and running in the home during sustained energy blackouts (Picture: BLUETTI)

The AC500 is uniquely designed to charge through solar – giving you power as long as you need it when you’re out exploring the world, provided the sun is shining. With that said, this fantastic power system can still be charged at the mains.

The AC500 is armed with a matchless MPPT solar inverter, which allows for 3000W maximum solar input. That means that it can recharge from zero to 80% SOC using sunshine alone… in just 1.5 hours!

In the time you watch a feature length film to while away the hours during a pit stop, your power system is ready to keep you covered for the next leg of the journey!

Should you also take the dive with the accompanying B300S battery packs (RRP. £2,299), dual recharging via AC and solar simultaneously can achieve up to 8000W input rate and the battery packs can be fully charged at lightning speed – zero to 80% in less than an hour!

Using the power system at home

While it’s a handy system to rely on when out and about, it also has an abundance of uses around the house – most importantly as a power source during energy shortages and blackouts.

The modular AC500 can be paired with up to six B300S battery packs for a total capacity of 18,432Wh. That makes it the perfect power pal to lean on during emergencies, when lighting up the candles just doesn’t cut it.

BLUETTI are busy building a more sustainable future for you family’s energy needs (Picture: BLUETTI)

The useful BLUETTI App helps you ensure that your systems stay ready to go when they’re needed, as you can track and follow along as they charge.

What about using the system and battery packs as temperatures plummet? Well, the B300S expansion battery pack comes with intelligent self-heating capability that heats up immediately – even when the ambient temperature is as low as -20℃.

That means your AC500 system can remain responsive and work effectively through any harsh winters that may come your way.


The AC5000 advanced power system is:

  • 100% modular and expandable, with an overall capacity of up to 18,432Wh.
  • Compatible with up to six B300 or B300S expansion battery packs.
  • 5,000W AC pure sine wave inverter (10,000W surge).
  • available with multiple ways to charge and dual charging is also supported.
  • capable of 3000W solar input, 8000W input rate by dual charging.
  • Easily monitored and controlled thanks to the BLUETTI App.

What makes this power system different?

The AC500 system adopts the specially selected LiFePO4 battery for long-term durability. That means that this is an energy system that’s built for longer, with 3,500+ charging cycles of up to 80% of its original capacity.

Compared with the lithium battery that most power stations and power banks use, the LiFePO4 battery type offers optimal performance which is expected to last for over 10 years. 

That means that once you’re set up, you’re covered for all your on-the-road energy needs for the next decade. Who knows how many unforgettable adventures you could embark on during that time?

It’s all part of the BLUETTI promise as they build a workable future for renewable energy, while creating budget-saving energy solutions and helping families go solar.

BLUETTI’s AC500+B300S combo make a perfect pair, now available for just £4,499 (Picture: BLUETTI)

With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI has been dedicated to creating energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use while also delivering an exceptional eco-friendly experience for all.

Trusted by thousands of customers, they’re shaking up the market across the globe in over 70 countries. This latest release was all made possible thanks to their enthusiastic supporters who helped them raise $12 million on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, breaking another record for the company.

BLUETTI’s AC500 power system and B300S battery pack combo are now available for only £4,499. Find out more at


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