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SmartMD has been devoted to serving physicians in the US since 1999, with offices located in Wisconsin, Georgia, and Florida. Over that time, SmartMD has been quite active, delivering over 7 million reports.


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SmartMD ticks a lot of the right boxes right out of the gate. This includes a US based workforce to produce a high quality of transcription. There are also plenty of options, with clinicians able to dictate via a variety of ways to fit different workflows, including a toll free 800 number, a digital recorder, or even via an iOS app that can be used on either the iPhone or iPad. 

iOS App

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The iOS app offers plenty of functionality, beyond just transcribing words which of course it supports, but also photographs can be taken to document the patient’s condition, lists of medications can be scanned via the smartphone camera, and the clinician can use a stylus to write on a worksheet on the screen- and when all combined gives the physician a ton of options to document each patient interaction completely and efficiently. There is also a HIPAA compliant snyc to the cloud function that allows the iOS platform to continue to be used even when offline.



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