Big Data

Slack wants to become the ‘long-term memory’ for organizations – Computerworld

What Slack will eventually be able to offer both its own and Salesforce’s users will be a unified experience where AI oversees any influx of both structured and unstructured data and parses through it to offer users the most important summaries. Being able to find key moments in chats and knowing what happened in conversations is hard to navigate, Dresser said, and is at the heart of Slack’s AI integration.

“Sometimes AI can be the simplest thing that drives productivity,” she said. “So, we did Slack AI Search. With that, Slack becomes the long-term memory of your organization. …Being able to find things easily in a generative manner, where you actually get a summary of what you need to find, was a really big ‘Aha’ moment for us.”

AI’s adoption and integration into virtually every Slack function will continue to accelerate. Dresser pointed to an “evolution of skills” that has come with the adoption of the technology, including prompt engineering or the use of natural language processing to perform functions, such as the creation of software without traditional line-by-line coding.


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