Silent Air Compressor Servicing with the Aid of Air Leak Detection Technology Helps Businesses to Save £100m

Silent Air Compressor Servicing with the Aid of Air Leak Detection Technology Helps Businesses to Save £100m

Air compressors are expensive, and your power bills could be running into thousands of pounds, considering that compressed increases your energy expenses by about fifteen per cent.

However, using air leak detection technology means you can detect air leaks easily to keep your silent air compressor performing optimally, and thereby mitigating production costs.

Air leaks are known for increasing energy costs, but the impact can be more damaging in other aspects. For instance, air leaks increase overall running cost, and an affected component gradually eats up the functionality of other components.

An air leak detection study reveals how businesses are losing money to undetected air leaks. It also discusses how air leak technology can help various companies save £100m from detecting leaks with tech tools and fixing them earlier.

Businesses Using Leaky Silent Air Compressor Lose Money Daily

At least 20-40% of air generated in your production facility is wasted because of air leaks. Perhaps, your company can save at least 2-7 pounds daily by preventing small leaks from eating up your energy like viruses.

Air leaks are business viruses you must eliminate. Following an expert study, a single business can astronomically save up to £37,000 each year by preventing air leaks, especially with technology such as ultrasonic detectors.

Considering the drowning effects of losing energy, which upsets operational costs, you would want to save more money to invest in other facets of the business while preserving energy. It is then time to protect and keep your silent air compressor from tormenting the company by piling up avoidable costs.

Air Leak Detection Technology is a Proven and Cost-Effective Way to Save Energy and Money

To locate an air leak in your quiet or low noise compressor can be challenging. Although the leaks are common in the oil gasket and pistons, you cannot confidently conclude that air leaks are coming from these areas without using leak detection technology.

Ultra silent air compressors could be accounting for at least 12 percent of the total energy cost of your manufacturing company. In this regard, you could be saving more money by investing a little in maintenance.

Yes, leak detection is difficult, but that happens when you follow the manual route. Ultrasonic leak detectors simplify air leak detection. Moreover, you can buy or hire compressed air maintenance professionals to detect air leaks. You can also train your employees to use the device but it is advisable to hire specialists so that your employee can focus on production.

A good reason to use air leak detection technology is that you can perform accurate leak checks during business hours.

Manual Ways to Detect Compressor Air Leak

  • Visual inspection. Without air leak technology, you can employ visual inspection methods. A common method identified in this study is to mix water and soap or washing up liquid in a bucket. Form a lather and apply it on the pipework, including the flanges, valves and joints. When you detect bubbles from the lather, there you have your air leaking spot. Unfortunately, this method is not reliable. It takes time and can only be done outside business hours.
  • Listen for knocking noises. Your second option is to listen to your low noise compressor closely for strange sounds. Focus on the flanges, joints, and valves. However, you must use this method outside working hours and ensure there’s no background sound. This method makes it difficult to detect leaks since the escaping air may not be loud enough.

Ways Air Leak Detection Technology Can Save Your Business Cost

  1. Ensure a Workplace Safety

Your employees’ safety remains not only your priority but the jurisdiction’s order. You do not want the government coming after your business for unhealthy ultra noiseless compressor management that exposes both employees and customers to health and safety hazards.

  1. Detect Energy Loss Faster

The earlier you employ professional air compressor maintenance, the better chances you gain detecting wasted energy.

  1. Invest Money in Other Parts of the Business

Apart from saving money, there could be other essential aspects of your business that are worth investing in. A single 3mm hole can increase your business cost by £600 annually or even more. The money could be channeled to other fruitful purposes to animate the business.

Preventive Low Noise Compressor Maintenance Should Become Your Culture

Every business has a working culture, including yours. But if noiseless compressor maintenance is not yet your culture, then you are missing out.

You can train your staff to manage the leak detection systems like ultrasonic leak detection or simply hire compressor professionals to ensure scheduled maintenance that prevents sudden shutdowns that delay production.

Moreover, you would be saving more money from reactive repairs that magically run into thousands of pounds. As mentioned earlier, preventive maintenance ensures a safe working environment, and employees and customers do not risk injuries from exposure to hazards.

Proven Methods that Can Prevent Compressor Air Leak

When you detect the leak using technology, it is easier to stop it since you already know the culprit.

  • Changing worn machine rubber. Valves,O-rings, and other components wear off over time. Unfortunately, they may not be visibly broken, meaning you must inspect them thoroughly, or if the ultra detection system shows that air is escaping from the spot.
  • Worn part replacement. Ensure to purchase and replace worn components before they escalate to system-threatening problems that require thousands of pounds to fix.
  • Frequent machine part repairs. You do not want to ignore broken pipes, hoses, and tubes during your air detection campaign.
  • Changing or tightening bolts. A simple replacement or tightening of loose bolts goes a long way in ensuring a silent air compressor leak fix.

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