Sightful’s Spacetop G1 AR laptop is a workplace spatial computer

Key Takeaways

  • Sightful launches Spacetop G1, an AR laptop for work
  • Glasses offer 1080p resolution, competitive pricing
  • Powered by Snapdragon processor, available for pre-order at $1,700

Whether it’s the Apple Vision Pro, the sudden reappearance of Google Glass, or the newest Meta Quest 3, it feels like the “spatial computing” trend is picking up some serious steam. Enter Sightful, an Israeli company that has set out to reimagine the augmented reality experience for consumer and enterprise applications.


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The company’s latest invention is “the AR laptop for work,” dubbed the Spacetop G1. It’s a laptop with no screen, that instead offers its users a set of connected glasses that look an awful lot like Ray-Ban Clubmasters, to use in place of a screen. The Spacetop G1 will appear in your vision as a 100-inch screen that can be used all at once or split into multiple monitor-like workspaces. If that’s not enough space to work with, or you are trying to augment (heh) your work space, the Spacetop G1 is fitted with USB C ports that can be used to connect external peripherals such as monitors.

SpacetopG1 Model Image
Credit: Sightful

An AR laptop for work

The glasses themselves are powered by two OLED displays fitted in the lenses that deliver 1080p resolution to each eye. That’s roughly 2 million pixels per eye. For some context, the Apple Vision Pro delivers over 11 million pixels per eye, and the Meta Quest 3 clocks in at over 4.5 million. That being said, Sightful is not billing the Spacetop G1 as competition for a VR gaming headset or Apple’s lifestyle-based Apple Vision Pro. Instead, this product seems aimed at the working crowd, with model images of people getting work done while on a plane or in the workplace. Each display will feature a refresh rate of 90hz, which should be more than enough to offer a smooth image while working. Sightful says the glasses will also be offered in custom prescription lenses for those who need them.

SpacetopG1 LIfestyle Image 2
Credit: Sightful

The brains behind the glasses will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon QCS8550 processor, and will come standard with 16GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. A powerhouse it is not, but it should be sufficient for reviewing presentations, answering e-mails, going over spreadsheets, or whatever else it is business-y people do all day. The Spacetop G1 also has a microphone and small speakers built into the glasses so users can participate in meetings.

The Spacetop G1 is available now for pre-orders with a $100 refundable deposit. The company is also extending a discount to those that order now, offering the Spacetop G1 at $1,700 instead of the regular price of $1,900. The AR laptop is expected to start shipping in October of this year, as it ushers in the next player in the race for spatial computing dominance. I for one cannot wait to see someone sitting next to me in the airport lounge, talking loudly into their glasses, and looking around like they are following a fly that the rest of us can’t see.


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